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Julius Caesar Research Paper

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The Life and Death of Julius Caesar: Leadership, Strategy, and Conflict.

Caius Iulius Caesar, better known as Julius Caesar and widely regarded as one of history's great figures, was naturally concerned with his personal reputation. The world would not be what it is now if Julius Caesar had not been. Caesar aided in shaping Rome into a strong worldwide power with a tremendous impact on the world. His military successes resulted in the inclusion of new areas and citizens under the protection of Rome. Julius Caesar was an intellectual - strategic prodigy who destabilized Rome's dying political structure and established a tyranny in its stead. He won the Roman Civil War but was killed by people who saw him have become too strong.

Early Life

Julius Caesar was born on July 12 or 13, 100 BC, in Subura, Rome, into a powerful family, the gens Julia, who traced lineage from Iulus, son of the fabled Trojan prince Aeneas. Caesar's father passed away when he was merely 16 years old, placing him as the leader of the family (“Julius Caesar Biography - Life, Family, Death, History, Young, Son, Old, Information, Born, House, Marriage,” 2013). Caesar was betrothed to Cornelia, the daughter of Cinna, and they had a daughter whom they had named Iulia to honor his paternal aunt. Sulla's dictatorship had gone very close to ending Caesar's existence andor reputation, and we can see a strong premonition of the figure he was to become in the masterful way Caesar managed the highly perilous circumstances he encountered. When Sulla stormed Rome on his second quest to establish lengthy, urgent rulership, he demanded that 18-year-old Caesar divorce Cornelia as a sign of fealty. Caesar declined. This seemed to impress Sulla as it showed great loyalty.

Military Life

Julius Caesar joined the Roman army at the age of 22 in 81 BC. Two years later, in 79 BC, Caesar was able to serve as a military legate's staff and save someone's life. His commander dispatched him on a trip to Nicomedes; Caesar was sent to bargain with him in order to purchase a fleet of ships. Caesar was effective, which helped his career in the army. Julius Caesar was named ruler of Gaul in 58 BC. He spent the following 8 years in Gaul. Caesar was able to command the four armies in the region in most need of power and wealth. There were two provinces in Gaul that were untamed areas nearby, and Caesar had the resources to invade them.

The Civil War

In 54 BC, the First Triumvirate, a supporter of famous leaders Crassus, Pompey, and Caesar, was gradually dissolving. Crassus died in 53 BC during a battle with the Parthians, which strained Caesar and Pompey's friendship. The trio dissolved. The next year, there was a massive uprising in Rome, prompting Pompey to be appointed as the only senator. Pompey sided with the Optimates, a political party that supported affluent aristocracy and the Senate. Caesar returned to Italy and proceeded to Rome without relinquishing the power of his troops. A civil war erupted, and Caesar's army defeated Pompey. After losing the fight, Pompey fled to Egypt in quest of safety. Instead, he was slain in the Egyptian monarch Ptolemy XIII's attempt to overthrow Caesar. Caesar stepped up to become the sole emperor and ruler of Rome.

Caesar’s Invasions

Caesar is regarded as one of the world's greatest generals. He lost a few conflicts and was knocked around a little, but he never lost a battle. He even physically fought in several conflicts. Caesar ruled over a territory known as Gaul from 58 to 51 B.C., which is currently known as France. Gaul was teeming with savage tribes that posed a potential menace to the Romans. Caesar seized Gaul and extended his empire all the way into modern-day Belgium after seven years of battle.

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Invasion of Germany

Caesar was overjoyed after conquering Gaul. During Caesar's Gaul campaign, German rebels hindered his path. Caesar led his Military expedition to Germany to teach Germans a lesson. A bloody conflict erupted between the armies of Germany and Rome. Finally, the German troops were vanquished. However, once Caesar had just moved back from Germany, the Germans rebelled. Caesar stormed furiously into Germany, inflicting a humiliating loss on them. He pushed them all the distance to the opposite side of the Rhine.

Invasion of England

Caesar occupied England in 54 B.C. Only because Prince Cassivellaunus of England tormented the Romans in Gaul. So, Caesarea took warships over the English Channel and disembarked on the Thames Riverbank. He vanquished England's troops. England's reputation was devastated. Caesar's triumph earned him a reputation among his men.

Caesar’s Greatest Achievements

Julius Caesar did much more than just win wars against other powers. He was unquestionably one of Rome's most prominent political and military leaders. His skills and drive were instrumental in transforming the Roman Republic into the Roman Empire. In Rome, he adopted the Egyptian calendar. The Julian calendar, as it became called afterward. The Roman calendar was not only imprecise but it was also altered for political interests. Julius Caesar supplanted this calendar with one relying on the Egyptian calendar, which was governed by the sun. He increased the duration of the year to 365.25 days by inserting a day at the end of February every fourth year. The Julian calendar began on January 1, 45 BC, and was the dominant calendar in much of Europe until the Gregorian calendar, which is still commonly used today.

He won spectacular successes in the Gallic wars, destroying all Gallic tribes, and spreading Roman districts throughout the whole Gaul region. The works he authored on his career in the military in Gaul and his deeds during the civil war with Pompey are part of Caesar's legacy. Reflections on the Gallic War, a seven-volume series, contains most of what we know about ancient Gaul and the Celtic people. As a result, he became quite popular with the Romans. In addition, Caesar rebuilt Carthage, which had been devastated by the Romans during the Punic Wars in 146 BCE.

When Caesar became ruler, Rome was in the midst of a fiscal crisis caused by successive civil wars. Property prices had plummeted, and there was a currency scarcity owing to hoarding. Julius Caesar commanded that assets be accepted for reimbursement at their pre-war worth and reintroduced a former edict that prohibited any one individual from owning more than 60,000 sesterces in currency. He also enacted legislation restricting extravagant clothing, burial expenditures, and feasts. He also helped the underprivileged and put mechanisms in place to assure their employment.

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