Julius Caesar Weaknesses: Critical Analysis Essay

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Noble Romans, Have you spent time with your family today? Because a man who doesn't spend time with his family is no man at all. My family is Rome, and as a real man, it is my duty to NURTURE, protect and care for my state. I shall defend this holy land from those who attempt to poison and destroy it, for they don’t realize that it wasn’t created, but embellished from the ashes of the fire and chaos that reigns outside the borders of this mighty empire.

Fellow Romans, What sets me apart from other men, is my strength; my willpower. I am truly determined and remarkable. When I decide upon something, I don’t hesitate to do it. I take the matters into my own hands. For example, in Gaul, it took 8 years, but I never gave up. I was loyal to my soldiers, and I would do anything for them, as they would for me. After 8 years, I became the governor of Gaul, which, I’ve done to gain a larger military force to expand the empire. I Julius Caesar, consider myself to be an eminent leader, I am able to rise through the ranks and command armies something other candidates lack. The actions I will take will be done to transform Rome and possibly influence the future of this world. By choosing me, the vast lands of Gaul will be a benefit for the empire. By choosing me, territories will be established under imperial control, and by choosing me, Rome will rise to be the greatest empire in history for all eternities.

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Shall I say, that not everything is like a sea of roses, we all have some failures and some weaknesses? Shall I admit that sometimes I may seem to be overconfident, but who would want an emperor who wasn’t confident at all? Yes, I do give too much trust in people, but I believe that trust is the key to success. Shall I say that giving too much trust to others is a consequence, yes? I only hire a number of political agents to serve me, but at any time they can turn their backs and kill me, it's just a matter of time. I shall also confess, I am quick to trust the intentions of the people and fail to understand the real motives behind people's actions.

Today, I do have competition, but Brutus, oh is full of judgment, he decided to fight Antony and Octavius after hearing the advice Cassius had given him. Brutus isn’t ready for this responsibility, he is not ready to be a revolutionary. On the contrary, he is simply an impractical type of man who is fooled by Cassius' ambition into becoming an assassin. Don't even make me start talking about Cassius, shall I say he's not a likable person? “Yond Cassius has a lean and hungry look”, his soul is fulfilled with jealousy and cowardice. Take me for example, I may be gritty for power, but this will bring power to Rome. The decision of a better Rome, a free Rome, the land of success, shall rise under my rule. I give you my word, my noble Romans, I will give full devotion to this state, no matter the situation; I will give you my full sweat and blood.

I chose to be Caesar because I believe he would actually be the best as an “emperor”. I started my speech by asking the noble Romans if they spend time with their family because it creates a connection between the listeners and Ceaser. I decided to use ethos, when saying, “Rome is my family”, by this Ceaser declares the love he has for the state and that he would do anything for it. For strengths, I decided to start out by saying what would stick out the most from other candidates, I think this is a good strategy to connect with the Romans. For weaknesses I said that Caesar is overconfident, however, I later ask, is it better to have an overconfident emperor or no confidence at all? Basically, my speech tries to connect with the Romans in a friendly way, a way that they would be convinced by what Caesar is saying and convince him that he will bring power to Rome.

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