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I chose to create my own high school topic. The name of my school is called “KDK Academy”. Our mission statement is to provide a safe, nurturing, and fun environment for our students while teaching them the proper concepts and skills. We must build students into strong leaders of the future. In order for students to attend KDK Academy, you must submit an application for review. Once the application has been reviewed, a team member will contact you to schedule an interview with your child. Admissions will then make a final decision based on your academic records, application, and interview. All students must take at least 24 credits in order to receive the college preparatory diploma at graduation. A student must take 4 years of Math, 4 years of English, and 2 years of Science and everyone is required to take a language course.

KDK Academy has a solid but lenient disciplinary code. All students must treat one another with respect, consideration, righteousness, and honesty. If any student disobeys this code, they shall be held responsible, and further action must be taken if necessary. If he/she receives below 60% in any of their classes, a meeting must be held with the parent(s) to discuss the student’s progress and help develop strategies to help him/her improve within the class. Everyone has to wear the school uniform, Khaki or Navy-Blue bottoms with one of the school-approved uniform shirts. Also, you are required to wear your student ID card during school hours. On Friday students are allowed to wear spirit shirts with jeans. Anyone who is out of uniform dress code may be given a detention or if further violations have occurred then he/she may be suspended in/out of school. We offer many clubs for students to get involved in. Yearbook, Student Government which helps build a stronger student body and create fun events happening on campus.

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Art club, Spanish and French club, environmental club, and many more to choose from. Our main goal is to provide a well-structured education to students. Class sizes are at a ratio of 18:1. If you are struggling in a class, many learning strategists are available to help you get on the right track to success. Juniors and Seniors have college counselors who will help them with applications, and school decisions and help keep them on track toward their dream school. All teachers will have routine meetings with their department heads to discuss any issues within their classes and strategize new ways to make learning easier to understand and fun for students. It is important to make sure students are receiving the education they are paying for. Students will take an end-of-semester exam. Anyone who is approved for extra time or any specific accommodations may meet with a learning strategist to create an exam schedule that meets their needs. In each class, students will be tested on their knowledge of what they have learned throughout the semester. If you have a B+ or higher, you may be eligible for exemption from 2 exams. I would now like to share my high school experience and how I managed to get through difficult challenges. When I first started freshman year, I was nothing but anxious and nervous.

I worried about making friends, joining clubs, and getting involved. Throughout high school, I found it slightly difficult to not procrastinate. When projects or essays were due, I ended up doing them last minute or they wouldn’t get peer-reviewed and would submit them with many errors. To this day I procrastinate. During my junior and senior years, my academic coach tried to give me all the advice she could, so I could relieve some of my stress when it came to studying, taking exams, or doing projects. I am a very organized student, but procrastination has always been my weakness. My advice to my peers is, to make a small list of tasks that are due. If you have an essay to write start writing an outline for at least the introduction and first paragraph. I find it also easier to take 15-minute breaks to help gather my thoughts again. Another big problem that I experienced throughout high school was making friends. Making friends wasn’t difficult, keeping them was. Most of my past friends say that I am, critical, sometimes judge-mental and start arguments. Senior year was the most difficult. The group of people I hung out with started to become toxic. My attitude was bad, I became more critical and argued over stupid things and they were not having it. By the end of the first semester, 2 of them cut off communication with me. When we returned from Winter Break, the group was no longer together. No matter what I said or did to try and fix the friendship, nothing convinced them. The last semester of the year and there were many days where I thought the friendship was improving again. My advice is, don’t take your friends for granted, if one friend trusts you with something, do not share anything with anyone, and don’t cause unnecessary drama or fights.

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