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Moira Kelly and Mother Teresa As Exceptional Examples of a Hero Who Demonstrate Heroic Qualities

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Heroes and role models are essential into today’s society and play an important role in educating civilization about right and wrong behaviours and actions. Heroes are those who are influential to others within an environment, who consistently finds strength to persevere and endure in spite of impending obstacles that may occur. Two individuals that demonstrate great acts of courage and actively look for ways to enhance society is Moira Kelly and Mother Teresa. Moira Kelly and Mother Teresa are exceptional examples of a hero as they demonstrate heroic qualities, and benefit humanity drastically.

A secular hero is an individual or group of people who demonstrates heroic qualities, characteristics and traits but doesn’t engage in religious behaviours or contribute themselves to a religious community. An exceptional example of a secular hero is Moira Kelly. She is considered a hero as she demonstrates exceptional examples of how to act with courage and actively looking for ways to better society whilst facing and overcoming obstacles. Moira Kelly is an Australian humanitarian worker (January 1964) She is a woman who sacrificed herself socially and physically daily for the betterment of others such as less fortunate people, or those who were sick or required medical attention. Moira Kelly devoted majority of her life to studying courses and educating herself so that she could improve her knowledge and understanding of those who she was helping. On the other hand, a Religious hero is an individual or group of people who demonstrates heroic qualities, characteristics and traits but does engage in religious behaviours and identify themselves as a part of the religious community. An exemplary example of a religious hero is Mother Teresa.

Moira Kelly has demonstrated from a young age how she actively looks for ways to help society in several ways. In 1999, Kelly implored her friends and family to donate money to develop an organisation dedicated to supporting children in developing countries who may require urgent transportation to healthcare (Kile J, 2011). This foundation helps a variety of communities and charities who specialise in caring for those who are in need. With the money donated to Moira’s foundation ‘The Children’s First Foundation’, she was able to purchase a farm to construct a safe dormitory for children in need or vast rehabilitation. Once Moira and her team treated these young children, they would return back to their communities whilst Moira was frequently providing these children with funding’s for housing and education. To add, Moira has adopted several children who have lived in orphanages or require medical attention throughout her journey. In 1998, She adopted two young boys with major limb abnormalities, who were both needing major corrective surgeries. She granted these boys with the surgeries they need and provided them with a safe home, with food and an education. It has become evident that Kelly not only consistently demonstrates ways to make a difference in society, but how she demonstrates the traits of a true hero.

Moira Kelly evidently has acted with courage throughout her life in several ways. Kelly demonstrates this heroic quality by devoting her life from the age of eighteen, to searching and serving those who are sick, wounded, or require medical attention (Kile J, 2011). At great cost to her own health and well-being she travelled the world to make a positive different in people’s lives (Mitchell Samille, 2017). At a young age, Moira Kelly would climb the fence separating her primary school and the special needs school. She consecutively would go over to the school and help feed and engage with the ostracized children. At 30 years of age, Kelly travelled to refugee camps throughout Bosnia and Herzegovina to organise welfare and aid programs for those who were injured by the crossfire. Throughout this time, Kelly coordinated a group of volunteers to assist in aid efforts across several refugee camps such as healthcare and dental clinics, education, pharmacies and recreation programs (Kile J, 2011). Additionally, Moira Kelly yearned to support drug and AIDS affected babies as she travelled to NYC. Kelly visited nursery’s where these babies were homed and dedicated her time to cradling and playing with them.

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Whilst demonstrating heroic qualities throughout Moira Kelly’s life, it is apparent that she would face challenges. In 1998, Moira Kelly travelled to Iraq and discovered two young children in an orphanage with major limb abnormalities who both needed major corrective surgeries. After two exhausting years, with much determination and support passports and visas were finally issued to Moira Kelly’s now to be sons Ahmed and Emmanuel. Moira Kelly declares that she may not be wealthy, but she is living the best live serving to others (Mitchell Samille, 2017).

From a young age, Mother Teresa experienced her calling to devote her life to Christ. In numerous ways throughout Mother Teresa’s life, she has demonstrated how she actively looks for ways to positively enhance society. Mother Teresa considered that her calling from Christ concreted her actions to dedicate her time to supporting and supplying to the poor and those in need. To assist with her calling, she opened a school and established a home for destitute youth or adults with the help of the city government whom had donated to her cause. In 1946, Mother Teresa decided to fulfil her mission of dedicating her time to helping the poorest of the poor. Throughout this particular year, she lived with the poor and donated all of her money to charities that would help those in need of shelter or nourishment. Mother Teresa consistently found ways to better society whilst spreading the word of God.

During Mother Teresa’s calling to Christ in her life, she was confronted with several obstacles along her journey. In 1948, Mother Teresa visited the slums in Calcutta. She supported the homeless families and children, washed and cared for them, whilst provided them with as much food as she could give. In this year, Mother Teresa documented in her diary that she faced several difficulties such as being broke, hungry and experiencing emotional thoughts including loneliness and doubt.

Mother Teresa demonstrates admirable heroic qualities including acting with courage. As Mother Teresa travelled throughout Calcutta, she became aware that there were no hospitals or health care clinics available to those who were poor. As a result of this, Mother Teresa received basic medical training to assist those who were sick and in need. Acting courageously, by sacrificing her own health and well-being for the need of others. During the ending two decades of Mother Teresa’s Life, she experienced and suffered from various health problems. Until her very last moments, she continued to fulfil her mission of serving the poor and those in need of medical care (Moral Courage, n.d).

To conclude, It has become evident that Moira Kelly and Mother Teresa have not only consistently demonstrated ways to make a difference in society throughout their lives, acted with great courage and consistently found the strength to persevere and endure in spite of impending obstacles that occurred throughout their journey but how they have demonstrated the traits of a true heroic example. Moira Kelly and Mother Teresa are two women who should continue to be recognised for their achievements in life. Both of these individuals have positively bettered society and educated civilization about helping and caring for those in need.

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