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My Mom Is My Superhero: Personal Narrative Essay

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With each era beginning it comes to an end. All the time our world is changing, and we are the ones responsible of fixing it. We then each create our own ideas and superheroes. With different problems come different superheroes. Henry Ford, Batman and a librarian. All different looks, clothing and jobs, yet they serve the same purpose for looking after our community. Some superheroes are glorified and some aren’t even heard of. We aren't currently living with Batman and Superman, but we still have our world savers. Superheroes are everywhere, so how do you spot them. Superheroes are courage, but not always physically gifted. They sometimes even risk their lives for others, but superheroes aren’t always so dramatic. They can still have big impacts on the world without endangering themselves. They inspire others and create a new line of superheroes in every generation.

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My superhero is my mum, and not only for her amazing upbringing, but also for her hard work and dedication. My mum is Italian and grew up with a brother 6 years younger than her. In primary school, my mum has always had an obsession with books and reading and carried it through to high school. My mum was a strait A student. She grew up to end up continuing her passion for books and now works for a library. My mum has worked for the library for 38 years and still dedicates her time. My mum sees new people every day, builds trust and gains a bond with them. She helps the old and the young. She takes her time to speak to individuals and help them in whatever way she can. Without being asked to, she will deliver ordered books from old people to their houses.

My mum isn’t just any boring librarian, she is different, and she goes out of her way to help people who can’t use the library laptops, etc. My mum values happiness as that’s what she brings to the table for everyone who comes into the library. She has a positive attitude and inspires kids to read and write. My mum has been with the library for 38 years and over the time has built trust, respect and bonds with so many people. With such a kind and loving person like her, it gives people a reason to get out of bed and get out of the house to go to the library. With a person like her, everyone can ensure they are safe and will have no problems.

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