Childhood Memories with Mother: Essay

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A majority of my childhood was spent with my mother, she was lucky enough to be a stay-at-home mom throughout my childhood. On the other hand, my father had a very high-stress job that required him to travel and spend long days at the office. I remember him coming home from work and instead of relaxing, he was uptight and on edge. When I was in middle school, he got a new job that allowed him to work from home and we were able to spend more time together. Our relationship has never been perfect and to this day we are still working on it. I think his work took a lot of time away from creating a bond with me as I have with my mom. Although I was not included in this setting, his workplace still had effects on my overall growth and development, this is an example of an exosystem.

Growing up as an only child was difficult, not having other children in my immediate family to interact and grow with was challenging. Up until high school, I was very shy and had a hard time making friends. Not until this class did I realize that my unwillingness to speak up and initiate conversation might be because I grew up as an only child. I have always been uncomfortable in chaotic and loud settings because I grew up in a quiet household with just my mom, my dad, and me. I remember going over to friends’ houses who had multiple siblings and not truly understanding how to play and interact normally. You could explain this challenge I faced as a missing microsystem. I had a supportive immediate family, however, I was missing the sibling factor.

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With my mom being able to stay home with me during my childhood, she was also able to chaperone every school field trip I attended. Again, being an only child, I had difficulties making friends and talking to other kids my age. I believe having my mom with me during those field trips helped me grow the most; I had the comfort of knowing she was with me, but also her encouragement to interact with my schoolmates. The interaction between her and my school is a prime example of a mesosystem. If it wasn’t for her, I would’ve isolated myself instead of learning how to make friends.

My parents worked extremely hard to make sure I had a childhood I would remember. With all of their resources, my childhood memories were filled with road trips, vacations, camping, skiing, and adventures. I am incredibly grateful I got to experience all of the things I did as a child. Being exposed to different environments and experiencing new things positively impacted my cognitive development. I was able to learn about myself and begin to get a better idea of what I enjoyed in life. My parents’ resources are an example of a macrosystem, without these resources, I would have never experienced as much as I have to this day.

I don’t know if I can call myself resilient, I have never faced major challenges or threats like some children have while growing up. I grew up in a great neighborhood, went to an amazing school, and had the most supportive parents and family. I believe that I am resilient when talking about being an only child, I adapted to that lifestyle with the help of my mom. I could have isolated myself socially and been a completely different person than who I am today. Instead, my mom helped me come out of my shell and showed me that making friends wasn’t too bad.

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