Othello: the Reasons for Iago's Revenge

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The play “Othello”, written by William Shakespeare, is a tragedy story about a moor (General) “Othello” and his downfall between his newly wedded wife, Desdemona. The story begins in Venice and how Roderigo was gaining his affection for Desdemona. Roderigo is been paying Iago money to help him win Desdemona’s love and affection. Roderigo later found out that Desdemona been married Othello. He realizes that his chances being with her has been demolished. Then, Iago realizes that he has not been chosen to be a Lieutenant which makes Iago’s hatred towards Othello grow to since he had given Cassio the rank, who turns out to have no-experience as a soldier. Iago then decides to plot against Othello by getting revenge against Othello by using malevolent methods to get what he wants. Will Iago gain his revenge against Othello by using malicious acts and honest tactics?

Throughout the acts, Iago’s hatred towards Othello immensely increases. Othello does not know of the evil schemes Iago has planned against him. Iago and Roderigo decide to go to Brabanzio, Desdemona’s father, to slander to cause him to confront his daughter. They claimed that she has been stolen and married by Othello. Cassio randomly comes into Othello’s lodge and explained that the Duke wants Othello to come down to Cyprus because the Turkish were invading it. Brabanzio then arrives a little bit afterward and accuses Othello that he used witchcraft in order for him to steal his daughter. “Iago is the presence of misogynist discourse in the Renaissance” (Valerie Wayne). This quotation means that Iago is one evil villain to plots to gain terror against Othello.

Brabanzio decides to go to Cyprus with Othello to accuse him in front of everybody. Brabanzio’s plan has flopped since the Duke and the Senate are biased towards Othello’s side. They had given Othello a chance to explain himself and what is going on. Othello then explains that he did not use witchcraft to gain love and affection in order to attain Desdemona, but with his stories that Desdemona had found very fond of. Desdemona then shows up and claims to her father that she has to switch her priority from her dad towards her husband. “He is not the devil. He’s you or me being jealous and not being able to control our feelings” (Andy Serkis). This quotation means that Iago has full control over other people since jealous is more powerful then regular emotions. Jealousy be bad at sometimes since a lot could happen when you’re being jealous since being angry/upset is one of the main emotions you’ll feel.

They then traveled to Cyprus. The governor of Cyprus, Montano, is waiting for their arrival to help them fight off the Turks. The first boat consists of, Iago, Roderigo, Desdemona and Emilia (Iago’s wife). While waiting for Othello to arrive (since he is coming in after), Cassio grabs Desdemona’s hand and greeted/conversated with her. Iago then will use that information against Cassio in order for him to lose the rank he has been given. “As little as web as this” (Iago). This quotation means that every little thing counts and could be used against you. Any slight information is useful in any way and it depends on how you use it. Othello then arrives and he announced that the Turkish has been defeated. Roderigo then complains to Iago that he has no chance of them breaking Othello’s marriage.

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The main reason why Iago is doing this is to milk all the money he can get from Roderigo since he is rich. Iago assures Roderigo that he will break up their marriage, no matter the cost and time it will take. Iago claims that Desdemona will lose feelings toward Othello and will fall for Roderigo. Iago said that the first plan was to ruin Othello. Later on the night, Iago insists that Cassio will drink and him being drunk is part of the plan since people do stupid stuff while they are drunk. Iago then made Roderigo to start a fight against Cassio since he is drunk. Cassio then got upset and chased Roderigo across the stage and while Montano was holding down Cassio, Montano has been stabbed by Cassio. Iago then makes Roderigo to turn on the alarm. “Iago simply exploits a weakness that already existed in Othello’s character” (T.S Eliot). This quotation means that Iago has been using a malicious method that has already been implemented already inside Othello’s personality.

After the alarm has went off, Othello quickly ran out to see what the whole commotion was all about. He finds out that Cassio is drunk and realizes that Montano has been stabbed. Neither Cassio and Montano had remembered what had happened and Iago escalates the whole situation and blamed Cassio has been over drinking and stabbed Montano. Othello strips the rank from Cassio because he doesn't find himself well qualified for the Lieutenant rank. Iago then tells Cassio that he can earn the rank back by being with Desdemona. That is a villainous act of evil since he is playing with other people’s life. At the end of the act, Iago tells us that he will try to get Cassio’s rank back but that is part of the plan because he wants to make Othello hate Cassio even more.

Cassio was trying to get Othello to like him again in order for him to get his Lieutenant rank assigned back to him. Cassio had ordered musicians to play music underneath Othello’s window in order to arrange a meeting with Desdemona. Othello declines and sends his clowns to tell the musicians to stop and go away after. After Cassio was walking way, he stumbled with Iago offered to distract Othello so then Cassio and Desdemona can talk in private. Desdemona is sympathetic with Cassio and says that she will do everything in her power in order for him to get his rank back from Othello.

At the end of the day, Iago will still be villainous throughout the whole play. He thickens the situation way too much and has too many malicious things in his mind which makes this whole book what it is. The story in my opinion is very good and interesting because it shows a lot of passion that each character poses. The way that they act uniquely is very unique and it brings the plot into place. The book overall is a great book and should be read for those who love action, thrills, and intense plots.

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