Themes Of Passion, Rage, Revenge, Greatness, And Pride In Medea

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The play I have chosen for my Independent Reading Project is Medea written by Euripides. It is an ancient Greek tragedy where Medea takes revenge on Jason by killing their two sons and his new wife for betraying, abandoning, and exiling her. The themes explored in this story are passion, rage, revenge, greatness, and pride.

Medea, a granddaughter of Helios, is the main character of the play who lets feelings control her actions leading to murder. Jason is the husband of Medea who caused the complication by wanting to wed into royalty and leave behind his family. Creon, a ruler of Corinth, banished Medea and approves of Jason’s marriage with his daughter. Children, the two young sons of Jason and Medea, are the victims of their parents’ quarrels. Aegeus, King of Athens, helped provide Medea a region to dwell after her crimes.

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One of the obstacles is Jason deserting Medea and their sons for marrying into sovereignty. Another problem is Medea’s cruel way of thinking and acting as a result of being exiled and alone. That hatred drives to more disputes causing her to the poison Glauca, daughter of King Creon, and slaughter her own kids.

A crucial symbol is a door to Medea’s house representing a metaphorical barrier. In line 1571, “[Jason shakes the doors of the house, which remain closed. Medea appears in a winged chariot, rising above the house. The bodies of the two children are visible in the chariot].” This quote shows that the door is a division between Medea and Jason. The poisoned crown is a metonym, a word, name, or expression used as a replacement for something else with which it is closely associated, for rulership. According to lines 901-1000, “I'll send her gifts, the finest in the world: A finely woven dress and crown of beaten gold. The boys will take them.” This quotation presents that the infected tiara symbolizes Creon’s and Jason’s toxicity in the royal line. Chimeras stand for being multiple animal pieces combined together which connects with Medea. Lines 1201-1300 state, “Medea appears in a flying chariot drawn by chimeras sent by Helios, her grandfather. The notes for the staging don't survive in the manuscript...” This helps the reader notice that Medea is like a chimera such as part human, part divine.

In my opinion, I disliked the way the drama is scripted for I cannot comprehend; however, I just don’t enjoy plays in general. It is quite repetitive and dull throughout probably due to the fact that I do not understand the wording. For example, lines 20, 34, 40, 74, 121, and many more mentions how Medea is crying. I understand she is in pain, however that is an excessive amount of times to notify that she is weeping. On the other hand, I admire how the theater piece includes interesting plots and entertains me in its dramatic scenes. I am also fond of how it is based on ancient Greece because I love learning about Greek mythology. For example, lines 1683-1692 says, “Zeus on Olympus, dispenses many things. Gods often contradict our fondest expectations. What we anticipate does not come to pass. What we don't expect some god finds a way 1690 to make it happen. So with this story.” These lines indicate my inspiration and curiosity within Greek mythology. As a closing point, I am satisfied with this play and hope to see more.

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