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Persecution of Christians in The Roman Empire and The Case of Noura Hussein

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During the times of Paul, the early Christians had been persecuted and wrongfully treated because of their beliefs. The Roman officials would declare these life styles to be “unlawful” so many Christians were wrongfully imprisoned. In today’s times, injustices are still happening around the globe. In many countries, anyone who opposes the main ideology is silenced by imprisonment and even death.

In Paul’s time and present day, many people are still being treated unfairly because of their beliefs. In Sudan, marriage by cousin was practiced and 16 year old named Noura Hussein, was to be engaged to her cousin, Abdulrahman Mohamed Hammad. Noura did not want to be married, she wanted to continue her education. However, her father was afraid that she would get pregnant out of wedlock, which would mean she would become marginalized in her country, because this is seen as unacceptable. After she became engaged to her cousin, Noura had run away to stay with her aunt and had remained there for three years. Her family had tricked her into coming back home, and she was forced to marry him. Noura was not interested in spending any time with her husband. However, one day, he tried to pin her down and rape her. The next day, Hammad had tried again but this time, Noura defended herself and stabbed her husband in the assault. When she ran to her family and explained the situation, her father turned her into the police. In May 2018, she was sent to court and sentenced to her death. However, Noura’s imprisonment did not go silenced. There became an online campaign to demand Noura freedom, entitled.

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In June 2018, the court overturned her death sentence, and Noura is currently serving five years. Many other women in different countries have been wrongfully imprisoned for the murder of a partner in relation to domestic violence. “. . imposing a death sentence amounts to an arbitrary killing when courts ignore essential facts of a defendant’s case such as a long history of domestic violence, including because of larger social patterns of gender inequality. ” In some countries the judicial systems are unable to handle situations like Noura’s, they can misuse or misunderstand information in terms of an abusive relationship. Ultimately, these factors led to Noura Hussein getting convicted. In modern times, Christianity has become one of the most the popular religions in the world. In certain issues, some Christians tend to be in conflict with the rules of civil authorities. In the different sects of Christianity, a majority do not permit same-sex marriage. Their reason claims to be that homosexuality is a sin. This idea goes against the law in the US which allow same-sex marriage to be legal and legitimate. In any case, no matter what the subject of the matter is, it is acceptable for a Christian person to act in violation of a law that goes against her conscience, only if her action hurts someone or a group of people. There should be limits to such actions because these actions should not put anyone in harm’s way or cause danger to anyone. Christians may have different opinions on certain issues, but these differences should never result in violence.

Overall, there are similarities in prisoners of conscience during Paul’s time and modern times. People such as Noura Hussein were wrongfully imprisoned in Sudan because of her actions of self defense. Paul and other Christians were persecuted for their beliefs and even martyred by the Romans. In today’s times and Paul’s times, people around the world are still being discriminated and treated unfairly because of their beliefs.

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