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Positive Parenting, Child Care And Protection

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From this essay report, I will be stressing on what is progressive nurturing, child care and protection were all about. Besides, their status and how can we apply it in our nation. In fact, progressive parenting and child care and protection is the frequent union of a parent and an infant and that involves loving, training, leading and providing of basic requirement of a youth regularly and completely. (Seay et al., 2014, p.207) Also, child care is the general term that defines some circumstances in which offspring are provided with control, care and learning by people outside the child’s immediate family or the concerned for children who are below the stage of 0-6 years.

As well, child protection is the safeguard of children as of violence mistreatment and carelessness. The purpose of the United Nation Agreement on the right of an infant is to protect children in and out of the house. As a result, the positive parenting and child care and protection are the two significant policies that are very paramount in the lives of children over the performance of their parents. Through the major support of UNICEF, working collaboratively with the government, they both effectively strengthen the child protection system by stopping all systems of violence, mishandling and mistreatment of children. At that point, it supports the children constitutional rights and capacity of constructing and transfer of main facilities. (UNICEF PNG, 2018)

Likewise, some of the importance of positive parenting and child care protection are mostly stated below:

  1. Basically broaden the knowledge of the parents to provide moral behaviors to their children.
  2. Upkeep the parents to grow their development abilities, pinpoint funds which support them, comphrened and meeting their children’s wishes and protect them beneath any mistreatment.
  3. Positive parenting helps minimized feelings instruction associated with different encouraging consequences between parents and their offspring.
  4. It declines family struggles and pressure, behavior difficulties and behavior illnesses among children and enriched flexibility in the middle of children and parents. (Joussemet, Landry & Koestner, 2008)

Some of the common areas that positive parenting, child care and protection that is most required to be applied in our country Papua New Guinea are: it must be applied in every individual homes where parents communicate to their children, should be applied in schools where teaches must applied to their new learners, and also should be applied by the close relatives in the surrounding communities.

It is very important that, parents should have learned about positive parenting, child care and protection because to imparted better understanding to the children to develop a bright knowledge in the future. Every adult within and around this world, at some point, they will still become parents. And they must accept the fact of being a great parent is not that simple, also there were some tremendous challenges of guardianship that will be confusing and leads us to astray.

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It is vital on behalf of parents to be watchful of arresting a steadiness among helpful feelings and bad feelings. This will support parent’s run-through and not getting caught in negative feelings. They will be able to improve positivity for themselves, and perfect it for their children. This in return will provide opportunity and build a progressive standard of living for their everyday life.

However, in every responsibility, there is an answer to every solution, especially in our country Papuan New Guinea, the people have attitude problems and sometimes lack of understanding towards their own children, so parents are in desperate need of being well-educated in positive parenting, child care and protection because the future of these nation is laid on the hands of these young generations. In order for this to happen the parents have a duty to take step by step in daily routine which will enable the family unit to develop confidently and able to achieve some of the goals and plans their set in their children’s life.

In addition, positive parenting and child care and protection ought to be necessary practice or training to be given by every parents in the community in order to enhance child development and additional skills. When the children come to a stage where he or she become independent, at that point can be aware of doing what is ethical and productive for the country. This can be the result of what they learned throughout their childhood.

Thinking critically and stay positive is a good practice of one’s life. It is a lifetime mindful of the significance of having a confident approach about life expectancy, even though trials were arising our way. Reflecting on what is worthy in us be in this creation supports us in sustaining an encouraging outlook. The day to day duties of being a parent can set us in an achievement manner rather than a life mode. As a consequence, it can be stimulating for parents to keep up a helpful mindset. It is treasured for parents to proceeds dynamic stages to cultivate positivity for themselves and their families

As an upcoming social worker, it is our obligation to work hand in hand with the UNICEF, United Nations and other government and Non-government organization who were given and investing their best in the existence of the society on the humanity to promote the positive parenting and child care and protection. Besides there are other fundamental services which are being given to the communities in order to sustain the lives of the public and the advancement of this country.

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