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Prevalence Of Some Food Poisoning Bacteria In Some Ready To Eat Sandwiches

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Fast foods are able to eat foods that prepared and sold by vendors on streets and similar public places.They provide a source of able to eat, top quality and nutritional value meals with reasonable price, while giving an honest income for the vendors (Swanepoel et al., 1998). They feed tons of consumers daily with a good sort of RTE foods; dependence on such foods is more interesting in its convenience than in its safety and hygiene (Mensah et al., 2002).

Ready to eat meat products are highly demanded thanks to their biological value, reasonable price, and agreeable taste; also, they represent rapid easily prepared meals and solve the matter of shortage in fresh meat of high price which isn't available for several families with limited income (Samapundo et al., 2015). thus, once they used as street vended food they'll posing potential risks to public health. Regular bacteriological evaluation of economic fast foods has been needed to stay top quality and safe foods for consumers; usually aerobic plate count parameter indicates the extent of microorganisms during a product and provides general estimation of live aerobic bacteria, indicating the standard, time period and post heat processing contamination (Maturin and Peeler, 1998) (Bhaduri and Cottrell, 2001). Because it liable for gastrointestinal disorder outbreaks in human without indication of decline despite the normal food hygiene efforts (Varnam and Evans, 1991).

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Salmonella and E. coli are commonly implicated food commodity in outbreaks (accounted for 8% of outbreaks) causes illness starting from gastrointestinal tract-related complications like diarrhea, dysentery, tract infection, pneumonia and even meningitis (Johnson et al., 2006; Jackson et al., 2013). In addition, Staphylococci are Gram-positive bacteria arranged in grape-like clusters cocci, facultative anaerobe, non-spore, and non-motile bacteria; S. aureus is taken into account the virulent gastrointestinal disorder species among them (Liu et al., 2005). These bacteria are used as an indicator of hygienic faults during food production, preparation, serving, and improper thermal processing (Alexandra et al., 2011; Sasidharan et al., 2011). It is considered as community-acquired pathogens, USFDA (2012) reported that, S. aureus could also be found in foods, dust, air, and sewage, or on food equipment, and food preparation surfaces; staphylococci are present in throats and nasal passages, on hair and skin of quite 50% of apparently healthy individuals; however, food handlers are usually the most source of food contamination, equipment, and environmental surfaces can also be sources of contamination with S. aureus. Schelin et al. (2011) found that staphylococcal gastrointestinal disorder (SFP) may be a foodborne intoxication caused by the consumption of S. aureus toxins contaminated foods that are improperly prepared or stored.

The severity of the illness is said to the quantity of contaminated food ingested, the concentration of toxin, and therefore the health status of the person; SFP are often occurred by as little as 20-100 ng of S. aureus heat-stable enterotoxins, the enterotoxins production and onset of gastrointestinal disorder are correlated with bacterial growth; which suggests, the more bacterial growth, the more toxin production; in order that the bacterial count is typically indicating the wholesome of the foodstuff and its safety for human consumption. Staphylococcus aureus enterotoxins are the main virulence factor causing gastrointestinal disorder by ingestion of foods contaminated with S. aureus heat-stable enterotoxins; the most SEs incriminated in SFP are enterotoxin A (SeA), enterotoxin B (SeB), staphylococcal enterotoxins C (SeC), and staphylococcal enterotoxins D (SeD); SFP signs are characterized by rapid onset including nausea and violent vomiting with or without diarrhea. Staphylococcus aureus enterotoxin A is that the commonest explanation for SFP worldwide, but the involvement of other classical SEs (SeB to SeE) are also recorded (Chiang et al., 2008; Argudín et al., 2010).

In Egypt, street-vended meat products may pose a hazard due to the preparation, handling, serving in bad hygienic conditions as using poor quality raw materials, poor personal hygiene, and post-cooking holding for long times encourages heavy bacterial loads in foods with pathogenic microorganism; such contamination may render the merchandise to be of an inferior quality or unfit for human consumption (El-Ziqaty et al., 2016); with the shortage of the available data concerning the incidence of foodborne infections regarding fast foods, lacking of data about the standard and safety of street-vendor foods, and where effective food safety controls by concerned regulatory agencies are yet to be realized, evaluation of roadside food bacterial hazards and their indicators would help provide specifications for setting microbial guideline values (Hazaa, 2015).

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