Reason Why Same-Sex Marriages Should Be Respected

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Same-sex marriage can be defined as the kind of marriage where two people of the same biological sex enter into a matrimonial union. There are many reasons why a couple may opt to be joined in a same-sex marriage, the social preference, social influence, and gender dysphoria, among many others. The notion of same-sex marriage has existed since ancient times. Same-sex marriage was not openly discussed in most social circles because of government directives and it was simply not 'socially acceptable'. In the past, most traditional socio-cultural practices and beliefs shunned the idea of same-sex marriages, almost always due to religious beliefs. The same views were adopted by governments around the world, thus making same-sex marriages an offense. However, things have drastically changed in today's world, where most people are beginning to not only realize but also appreciate the need to understand and even legalize the practice of same-sex marriages. The 14th amendment of the American constitution advocates for the equal protection of all persons regardless of their background (Lupu, 2015). All persons should respect same-sex marriages and that they should be treated equally without any form of discrimination.

The main reason as to why the same-sex married couples should be respected and treated equally is because discriminating and stigmatizing them does not only degrade them to second class citizens; it also infringes on their rights to expression. This has made the people who want to be in a same-sex marriage lead low qualities of life as they are often afraid of coming out for fear of retribution that accompanies such confessions from both the society and the government. Most people, while busying themselves in the fight against discrimination, often fail to realize that the people who favor same-sex marriage also need to be respected and accepted by the society just the way that they are (Kollman, 2016). It is, therefore, paramount that the discrimination and stigma based on sexual orientation that is directed towards the people who favor same-sex marriages cease to ensure the safety and protection of all persons where equality is prioritized.

The second reason why same-sex marriages should be respected and treated equally is that even the institution of legal marriage, in itself, is secular (Kollman, 2016).With that being said, there is no reason for religious opinions to overshadow the law or be socially unaccepted more that a heterosexual marriage. When it comes to the issues of legalizing same-sex marriages, it is therefore essential that the matter is treated as secularly as the law that legalizes it.

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Most of the critics, who oppose same-sex marriage while not arguing on the religious standing of the practice, will often cite the need for children to have a mother and father to raise them. The critics often argue that the children raised by same-sex couples often face specific psychological difficulties in their lives that may expose them to future challenges, which may include sexual abuse and other relational difficulties (Light, 2015).


Couples in same-sex marriages are human too and have feelings just like other people in heterosexual relationships. They have their reasons for preferring the same-sex unions that they have entered into, and those reasons must be respected without any form of discrimination of stigma. The Supreme Court does not only recognize the union, but it is also a privilege and not a right and should be treated as such. Besides, same-sex couples are human like everyone else and have the capability of making excellent parents if they are allowed.


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