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Rebirth Idea In The Book Reincarnation In A Nutshell

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Where do our souls go after we die? Do we come back in another body? Where do our fears and talents come from? Is there any truth to reincarnation?

Reincarnation in a Nutshell by Else Byskov and Maria McMahon explores this phenomenon. Their book is based on spiritual insights that were revealed by Martinus, a Danish visionary and mystic. The book explains the fascinating process that happens in the spiritual realm when a child is conceived. The development of phobias and natural talents are explained. Anecdotes from children and people who remember their past lives while under hypnosis are also included. Holistically, the book provides a greater awareness of the Law of Attraction and the evolution of human beings on a spiritual level.

This book provided a detailed outlook on the subject of reincarnation without delving entirely into religion. I would gladly recommend it to anyone who wants to learn why reincarnation is real. It will also appeal to energy healers and those who are intrigued by mysticism. People who believe that they are ‘old souls’ will also enjoy this book. I wouldn’t recommend it to readers who have a closed-mind about past lives. Readers who do not have a basic knowledge of science may also want to skip this one since the book contains a few biological concepts.

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What I liked most about this book was the evidence in support of reincarnation. For instance, where did gifted youngsters get their natural talents? The book claims that in past lives they acquired these talents. Past musical geniuses were also linked with present child prodigies whose gifts are nearly identical. Through past life regression therapy, people have also revealed events from their past lives. Birthmarks can also indicate where and how a person died in their previous lives. In some cases, phobias also stem from unhealed trauma in previous lifetimes. The book provided real accounts of these things and I found that these were truly remarkable.

I also appreciated the modern slant that the authors took when explaining how reincarnation works. In addition to explaining how souls decide to experience life again, they also supplied readers with an enthralling discussion about cloning, identical twins, and artificial insemination. I was really surprised to learn how reincarnation affected these events.

The photos and symbolic representations were an excellent addition to the book because it helped me to understand certain concepts better. However, the text could have been formatted in a more reader-friendly way. There were no line breaks between paragraphs and the line spacing was tiny. This made it a chore to read even though the book’s content was interesting. I also spotted a few typographical errors. Moreover, I think that some of the hyperlinks (such as the advertisements to read chapters of the authors' other books) should have been placed at the end of this book as references instead of frequently being mentioned in the chapters. I did not like this because they disrupted the narrative.

I deducted a star for the book’s poor formatting. As a result, I rate Reincarnation in a Nutshell 3 out of 4 stars for its fascinating and detailed outlook on reincarnation plus its modern perspectives on this phenomenon.

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