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Reflection on Watching the Gun Violence Live on Facebook

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After watching the Gun Violence live on Facebook this event was about engaging the students about gun violence . I feel like this was a good forum, because gun violence is needed for us students on campus because it is not talked about a lot at all. It sucks that we have waited this long to talk about it, but with all this senseless and violence happening now we need to be educated with our legislators and police officers.

Being a young African American female I have observed countless glitches and gun violence currently that has been going on in our world today. We have poor people who can 't find work, an unbalanced budget, and more significantly, a problem with guns. Like every other person in this world, I am worried about being the victim of a accidental shooting.

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In the most recent years gun violence has increased meaningfully in many parts of the world today. However, there are several cases of children and young adults in there twenties to early thirties that are engaging in vicious violence or getting mixed in the crossfire. There has been negotiation over whether gun laws are firm enough and what else can be done to condense such crime involvements from happening. With more and more people lives being affected on a steady basis, more worries arise as to how individuals can live safe lives when guns are being used in increasing numbers. It is discreditable to say that almost every day we are hearing about some kind of gun violence that is affecting people either in our hometown or in another part of the world.

Years ago gun violence had its problems but nothing like what’s going on in today’s current society. While there are several events that have happened that have been very outrageous, sad and senseless, comparable actions have happened decades ago; but then again the gun violence didn’t seem to happen as often as they have been lately. Gun violence has grown into an worldwide catastrophe. Some people feel like we should ban guns altogether, whereas others feel this would be intolerable. Getting rid of guns may help calm down the problem but it may not be adequate to make the problem go away. It’s sad to say that a lot of people fear going out and trying to enjoy life, because the are scared something might happen. We should be able to go out and enjoy life and have a good time.

I agreed with all the individuals who spoke. I also feel like we are living in the last days, the Bible also says this. The best thing for us to do is pray and get ourselves together. We are the future generation, so we must have an education to make an encouraging difference in the world. I feel like my generation are the upcoming leaders, but if we don't have an education, we will not achieve anything. We will overcome, when we use our schooling to make the world a better place to live.

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