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Scientific Means that Helped with the Survival of the Coronavirus

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For around 100,000 years we as human beings have relied on our immune system for survival such as withstanding the bubonic plague in the late 1300s or the Cocoliztli epidemic in the middle of the 1500s. The usage of our human immune system has enabled us as humans to persist through evolution, making our body more robust against fatal pathogens.

Nevertheless, recent scientific discoveries have allowed us to survive certain pathogens that our bodies could not withstand surviving, for example, the vaccine to smallpox was created in 1788 and has saved around 5 million lives annually, or the vaccine for the poliovirus which was introduced in 1955 and prevented an estimate of 1.5 childhood deaths.

Scientific research and development have supported the human race to fight against destruction, it has enabled countless people to have a second chance in life. With the aid of scientific discoveries, we possess ways to modify genomes in order of preventing certain genetic diseases or physical mutations that could affect the child's life.

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In recent times the world has been going through critical conditions, an epidemic that has no solution, the coronavirus. The coronavirus is a virus that first struck a city in China called Wuhan. The first case was recorded on the 17 of November 2019 by the Chinese government weeks before they announced it from emerging as a new virus. The emergence of the new virus is not known, however, there have been speculations of the virus being transmitted from an animal that has already contracted the virus and was sold in a market in China, and from there it has reached and spread around the globe.

The coronavirus is a respiratory disease that originates from a group of viruses termed as Coronaviridae which are respiratory diseases. Although the cousins of the coronavirus are merely useless with flu-like symptoms coronavirus targets multiple areas in the body such as the lungs, kidneys and livers. Unfortunately, the coronavirus has infected approximately 199 countries around the world, with the United States of America as the most leading number of infected citizens with more than 1,300 deaths.

Moreover, scientific research and development have allowed us to decrease the coronavirus mortality rates around the world. Considering that the coronavirus attacks multiple areas in the body, scientific research has allowed us to make machines that mimic the bodies processes in order of surviving. Such machines are respiratory ventilators and liver and kidney dialysis machines have helped the mortality rate to decrease and the number of recoveries to increase.

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