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Reflections on Why the Vikings Were Not Barbarians, But Civilized People

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The Vikings were non-barbarian people as they were civilized. They have many stereotypes about them which would hold caused them being portrayed as savages, and they were more advanced in their ethical motives and morals compared to the remainder of Europe, despite all the stereotypes the Vikings faced. They were extremely civilized people. The Vikings used combs, soap and bathed one time a hebdomad, so they were above European criterions, contrary to what many people believe. They were merchandisers, husbandman, and innovators. So, it wasn’t ever about plundering for the Vikings. The Vikings being barbarian people is merely one of the many stereotypes that surround them. Their society had similar ethical motives and morals to the ones we have today.

The Vikings practiced a signifier of democracy, and they based jurisprudence and order on the thing system. The Thing had legislative and judiciary powers. Every free adult male had to go to the Thing. Adult females and disabled people could go to it every bit well. And the Vikings elected their male monarch at it. The Vikings had no memorized jurisprudence but an adult male known as the ‘lovsigemann’ opened the Thing by stating the Torahs, which he had memorized by bosom. The thing was a democratic fundamental law; everyone was considered a citizen, except for slaves and outlaws. It was more of a democracy than the one in Athens, which merely included 10 % of the population.

Their societal behavior was based on an unwritten system of award or a codification of morals. An adult male of award was a principled adult male, hospitable and generous, and offered an assisting menu to friends in demand. Viking adult females were allowed to inherit belongings, divorce and acquire dowries back. Especially fit adult females were allowed to go warriors known as ‘skjoldmo’, which means ‘shield girl’. Women in the United States military weren’t even allowed to be in combat until January 2013.

The Vikings were able to merchandise peacefully with other states, which proves they weren’t barbarian people.

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The Vikings besides had their main myths about the gods. They worshiped many gods, such as Odin and Thor. They have a deep mythology that barbarian people are non-capable of. Most people don’t cognize about all of that because they have many stereotypes that engulf them.

The Vikings have many stereotypes environing them, and there is good ground for this. One of the many stereotypes environing them is that they wore horned or winged helmets. The Vikings never wore winged or horned helmets as that would hold been an awful thought and it would hold been advantageous for their enemies. Their visual aspect is besides a stereotype. They are frequently depicted as large, looming work forces, but in reality, they were about 5’7 in height, which is tall by today’s criterions.

The Vikings had advanced technology compared to other civilizations at the time. The basis of their technology was their naval fleet. These consisted of longships and knarr (a Viking ship that was often used for merchant purposes). These ships were skillfully crafted using timber, mainly oak.

The stereotypes that surround the Vikings portray them as something they were not and did not do; people believe they did things they didn’t really do, such as being dirty people. Their ethical motives and morals are similar to what we have today, such as rights for adult females, which is something other adult females didn’t have. The Vikings are portrayed as things they are non. They are non the barbarian people they are made out to be, and alternatively, they are some of the most of import figures in history as they laid the basis for our society today.

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