Reflective Essay on Growing Up

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Social Work is not just a career it is a lifestyle, you have to be very passionate about this profession. Social Workers are the only professionals who insist on dedicating their entire career towards helping others especially those who are marginalized by society. My dream to become a social worker began a few years ago.

Reflecting on twelve years ago, growing up I knew I always had it in me to help others. I was raised by my grandparents who provided me with everything I needed, therefore they provided me with lunch each day along with pocket money. I attended a public school in Trinidad in which we received free lunch if we wanted it. I would collect lunch at school take it into my community and give it to those who were less fortunate. Also, growing up I loved the idea of saving my money, in doing so I would give it to those who needed it. My mother always thought I had a good heart and that I should pursue a career in a field where I would be able to help others come out of certain situations that they were in. My dream was to become a lawyer thinking that by doing this I would be able to give back to others and stand up for them in the court, for them to be given their rights and not taken advantage of.

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I never considered becoming a social worker, because I did not know who was a social worker and what they did in their career. In high school I remembered one day in English Literature class we were reading a short story and one of the characters was a social worker. The social worker was responsible for helping an old lady and her grandchildren. I do not remember actually reading the story for myself as we used to read out aloud in class and I would just listen to the other students and think to myself I want to become a social worker. After that, I went to the school’s computer lab and researched as much as I could about being a social worker. Nevertheless, at that point in my life, I still thought that being a Lawyer would give me more money and I could better represent the disadvantaged persons in society.

In my last school year in high school, I was challenged about making my decision and I finally realized that I truly had a passion for helping others and that social work was the right career path for me. Social workers have the ability to help change the world. Social workers have always reached out to those with limited power in society. Social workers' mission as human and helping professionals, interventions are generally initiated to strengthen human functioning and to enhance the effectiveness of societal structures that provide resources and opportunities for their clients.

I began my journey to becoming a social worker by studying Social Work at the Brown’s Town Community College in which I was given the opportunity to be involved in practicum experiences. For my practicum, I was placed at the Ministry of Labour and Social Security in St. Ann’s Bay. Working at this agency has made me realize that I am really passionate about this career and this will be the field in which I want to pursue my career. Observing and participating in activities at the Public Assistance Division (PATH) Department showed me that there are persons in society who need my help as an individual. The past experience at my practicum site has helped me become more self-aware, as it is very important for you to know your self-efficacy in order to work with and help others positively. I feel this constant drive that pushes me to help others, and this is the passion I have for this career. Being a social worker is going to be very challenging as we work with persons from all walks of life, that superior drive of passion helps to overtake and surpass the different challenges and it injects strength to continue pursuing goals when difficulties arise. Thus, this is why I aspire to become a Social Worker!

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