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Essay on Growing Towards Maturity

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In many cultures, Adult development and maturity are normal at a young age, there are many cultures where young adults are forced to leave education behind and start a family at a young age. These cultures in which maturity emphasizes a clear comprehension of life's purpose and make a good job executing the meaning of life, which is that we are here to live, grow, reproduce and die. When talking about this subject we can ask ourselves what the age of responsibility is. In my opinion, I think the responsibility has been tied and has a vague synonym with maturity, having maturity means obtaining the ability to respond to different occasions, being aware of how to behave at the correct time and location, and knowing how to act on different cultures and societies. Maturity is distinguished by the shift from custodianship to self-reliance

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In my culture often the age difference is not a big deal, it’s common to date someone who’s more than 5 years younger or older than you, some cultures believe, maturity levels match, even when ages don’t. Though It's extremely important, that there are different things to consider when the age disparity is bigger. In my opinion, the age difference in a couple of years doesn’t seem to be a big concern, but things such as prospects, concerns, and interests are major factors in any relationship, and they can change as people get older. One of the most common problems with age disparity in any relationship is that the older person may speak for the younger person or take a bigger role in making decisions. There may be a difference in power between you and your partner if you’re in separate stages in life. The younger person in the relationship may find it more difficult to speak or give an opinion, specifically when it comes to their interests, worries, or their concerns about the relationship. Age isn’t the only one affecting the relationship. Economic background, and cultural views, can also take part in the relationship. Legal issues are attached to age and sexual relationships. For example, the legal Age of Consent in Texas is 17 years old.

Being sexually ready is one of the most important aspects of this theme. Another reason why it can be bad for differences in age is that the older person may have more experience and want to do things the younger person isn’t ready for. The younger person may feel pressured to have sex or do other sexual activities, which is never okay. Even in today’s day we still see within more conservative and mature relationships where the decision of not having sex until marriage is respected. Most middle schools and high schools now teach methods to not get impregnated. Which makes a contrast between the law and the legal age of consent. For you to be sexually active I think, you have had enough time to educate yourself and be able to explore it at your own pace. In conclusion relationships as minors or with minors are viewed differently, because of maturity, sexual readiness, and legal matters. These issues will make the relationship as minors more complicated, but these are all done with the purpose of preventing a mistake or an irreversible experience while experiencing.

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