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My Path from Aggression to Maturity: Personal Narrative Essay

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Aggressive, in a sense, means in the pursuit of perfection, and you will face various pressures, which is mean you will not be perfect, and it will make you negative, so long as you still live in the world, it can’t be perfect. However, learning to accept imperfection is a mark of the beginning of maturity, which is an expression of submission and humility, in a sense, it makes one’s become positive.

If you are at an intersection on the road of your life, what will you choose to do? To be aggressive or mature? I had a great opportunity for career growth and had the privilege of living life five years ago, but now my life of situation is different. Even though I met some new challenges in my new life, I chose to accept them. I contend that my life now is superior to my life five years ago for the following three reasons: time management, the attitude toward my outlook on life is more positive, and I have become more mature by living with a new family.

The biggest difference between the daily routine of my life now and my life five years ago is that I have time management. I used to be a workaholic. I spent eighty percent of my time at work working on projects, except when I slept. I even spent fourteen hours/per day for almost two months just to complete a concert project. Every day I ran different kinds of projects, like an addict. In contrast to my past life, my life now has time management. Now I have time to work, study and spend time with my family. Therefore, I go to school in the morning from Monday to Thursday, and after that, I go to take a part-time job after class to enrich my work experience. On the weekend, I go to the LA Fitness with my husband, and I go to church on the weekends as well. Even though, in the past five years, I had a good job and an excellent salary, I didn’t enjoy my life as much. After five years, because of time management, I have a better quality of life.

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Another significant difference is that my outlook on life is more positive than it was five years ago. Although, for the past five years, my work experience was progressing, my life of attitude was still negative. Unlike now, even though there is less sense of accomplishment, a positive attitude in life gives me a sense of happiness. My life for five years ago, a person, who is important to me, betrayed me. After that, I thought only my job would not betray me, and not only it could earn high wages, but also it could make me progressive. I was immersed in that self-consciousness. I was serious with my co-worker and myself. If some project or procedure didn’t do very well, I would be negative. On the other hand, now I have a new family, and my husband lets me feel loved again. When I meet a challenge in my life, my husband always gives me encouragement and courage, which makes me positive.

In contrast to my life now, five years ago I had a bad-tempered and high position in the company and work ethic, so many people surrounded me and supported me, I have the privilege of living life, so I didn’t necessarily need to be mature. Unlike now, I have good-tempered. Even though my hometown is far away from here and some conflicts issue in the new family, it makes me more aware of my problems and caused me to re-examine myself. Everything here is imperfect to me, but I decided to accept it because the new life impelled me to become mature, which reminds me to be grateful and content, which makes me feel happy in life.

Indeed, it has some differences between my life five years ago and my life now, there are three reasons involved aspects of my life, a life of attitude and a mature state. Five years ago, my negative attitude is an obstacle to a happy outcome in life. Now, although my life is imperfect, happiness always surrounds me. So, I just changed a way to keep my life going, but it is on the right path.

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