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Reflective Statement on The Stranger

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In the course of the interactive oral presentation, many aspects of the stranger by Albert Camus were discussed and explained by my mates. I learned a lot about the characters both the minor and the major ones. More importantly, I got a clearer view of Raymond’s character throughout the play and the role he plays in Meursault’s downfall. So in the course of reading the novel or text, Raymond is introduced at nearly the end of part one of the novel and he is said to be Meursault’s neighbor and he is said to be disliked in his neighborhood, with more precisions, we see him as a pimp masquerading as a warehouse worker. As we go further in the text, we discover he has so much to do with the major character and the way they act because he acts as a catalyst to the scenes going on in the novel and leads to Meursault’s downfall.

Furthermore, Meursault is seen to be somewhat manipulated directly and indirectly by all what his friend Raymond says and this can be seen through the multiple ways in which he reacts to what is said to him. Even though they both share the same traits, the probability that one of them always abuse the other is very high and in this case we see that’s what Raymond always does which leads us to the conclusion that Raymond really has a high influence on Meursault’s life and in his decision making. In the novel, we see there exists a number of instances where Raymond uses Meursault as his follower or for his sheep. Three of these instances are when Raymond arranges a meeting with a woman meanwhile Meursault is married, creating conflict scene between this couple. Again we have Raymond implicating Meursault in his conflict with the Arabs which finally leads to his downfall. Even though in the course of the reading we see many characters coming in and out of Meursault’s life, such as his mother, old sola mano, Mary, the chaplain and many others but Raymond is the only one who shapes Meursault’s journey negatively. Comment by NERISTAR: Conflict passes the message across better Camus supports the basis of his novel by telling the story of a young man that expresses his lack of feeling as he goes through a number of events. The aim of the author is to explain the concept of existentialism and existence so that the reader can better understand the basis of existentialism. The Stranger, published by Albert Camus in the early 1940s, is a fictional novel set in Algiers. The first-person narrator, Mr. Meursault, describes his life in a memoir-like fashion beginning from the day after his mother’ death. Meursault is mentally disconnected from its surrounding world. Meursault is likewise honest, this means that he does now not think of hiding his loss of feeling by dropping fake tears over his mother’s death. In displaying his indifference Meursault does not grieve, and hence society sees him as an outsider, a threat, even a monster. At his trial, the fact that he had no reaction to his mother’s demise damages his reputation some distance greater than his taking of any other person’s life. Comment by NERISTAR: Is this an opinion or someone’s words, if so reference

Do pals exist? A feasible answer can be yes however the fact is that true pal are uncommon to be seen. There are human beings accessible who grow to be so near to each different that their lives and desires are intertwined, and they live close to each other forever. But fake friends are like shadows, they observe you in the sun and depart you inside the dark and yet the majority of friends are ultimate only some years, and some are people who use others for his or her benefit. For example via the character of Raymond, Albert Camus presents the negative influence “pals” play on one’s movements and future. Raymond is said to be Meursault’s neighbor who adopts Meursault as a friend by means of enlisting him to assist sort out a struggle along with his mistress. Though exposed in the court as a pimp, he tends to speak round with truth or lie which will present himself in an excellent light, showing a situation for public opinion.

Because Raymond’s person traits assess significantly with Meursault’s, he also features as a foil for Meursault. Whereas Meursault person is truly amoral we see Raymond is instead immoral. Additionally, in the period in-between Meursault passively reacts to the events around him, while Raymond initiates action. He invitations Meursault to dinner and to the beach, and he seeks out the Arabs after his first fight with them, which in end can display Raymond as an evil man or woman. Raymond plays a large role inside the conviction of Meursault all through the trial, as he influences lots of the choices made in advance in Meursault’s existence. Meursault is stimulated negatively by means of Raymond fundamental to his loss of life sentence. This is demonstrated by the pressure exerted on Meursault to testify against the mistress of Raymond, Meursault’s violent role in the use of aggression against the Arab, and while, Raymond describes Meursault as “a pal”, which leads to the loss of life Meursault is sentenced to. (THE stranger book1 analysis, 2020)

Raymond serves as a catalyst for plotting The Stranger. He gets into conflict with her uncle, an Arab, after Raymond beats and abuses his mistress. Raymond draws Meursault into war with “the Arab,” and in the long run Meursault kills the Arab in cold blood. By drawing Meursault into the battle that finally affects in Meursault’s death sentence, Raymond, in a sense, reasons Meursault’s downfall. This responsibility on Raymond’s aspect is symbolized through the reality that he gives Meursault the gun that Meursault later makes use of to kill the Arab. However, due to the fact the murder and next trial bring about Meursault’s realization of the indifference of the universe, Raymond also may be seen as a catalyst of Meursault’s “enlightenment.”

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The creation of Raymond in the novel results in the climax or the rising action inside the novel because he effects convince Meursault to help him in his schemes to punish his mistress, and to testify on his behalf on the police station. On the alternative hand, Raymond appears to feel some loyalty toward Meursault. He asserts Meursault’s innocence on the murder trial, attributing the events leading as a good deal because the killing to “chance.” With thorough conviction and compliments, Raymond manipulates Meursault into agreeing with the whole thing he has to say.

Also, Raymond, Meursault’s neighbor, invites Meursault to dinner. Raymond is broadly believed to be a pimp, but when each person asks approximately his occupation he replies that he’s a “warehouse guard.” Over dinner, Raymond requests Meursault’s advice about something, and then asks Meursault whether or not he would like to be “friends.” Meursault offers no objection, so Raymond launches into his story. Raymond tells Meursault that when he suspected that his mistress become cheating on him, he beat her, and she left him. This altercation led Raymond into a fight together with his mistress’s brother, an Arab. Raymond remains attracted to his mistress but desires to punish her for her infidelity. His plan is to write a letter expressing her remorse and bringing her back to him. He wants to sleep with her, and spit in her ear, ‘right on the last minute.’ . Raymond then asks Meursault to write down the letter, and Meursault responds that he could not thoughts doing it. Raymond is thrilled with Meursault’s effort, so he tells Meursault that they are now “buddies.” In his narrative, Meursault reflects that he “didn’t thoughts” of being buddies with Raymond. Salamano’s dog is crying quietly, as Meursault returns to his bed. . (Meursault’s Dinner with Raymond: A Christian Theme in Albert Camus’s ‘L’Étranger’)

A bargain of ambiguity exists in Raymond’s relationship with Meursault. On one hand, Raymond uses Meursault. He without issues convinces Meursault to assist him in his schemes to punish his mistress, and to testify on his behalf on the police station. On the other hand, Raymond seems to revel in some loyalty toward Meursault. ‘He argues Meursault’s innocence in the murder case, attributing to’ risk ‘the events leading up to the killing. Raymond’s association with Meursault’s motive is feasible.’, best to apply him, and then, like Marie, turns into interested in Meursault’s peculiarities.

Although Raymond causes Meursault to be put in prison, he can be seen as earlier said as the catalyst to Meursault’s “enlightenment” as well as his downfall. This is because Meursault’s epic epiphany of universe ignorance, and his life itself, is brought about by the murder and trial. Their friendship has a good quantity of ambiguity as the two guys are polar opposites, and Raymond enforces movements that Meursault would have by no means taken by way of himself. Raymond first of all desired to be friends with Meursault because he changed into wise and useful to Raymond, but as the unconventional continued, Raymond became interested in his peculiarities and he developed a devoted friendship to Meursault. This is shown while he attempts to shield Meursault on the trial and declare his innocence, attributing the events main up to the crime as a “threat”, what’s even risk? Can we define it as the possibility of something happening? And if it’s the case, why is this case so ironic? Ultimately, Meursault and Raymond’s friendship turned into a toxic one, however, he gave Meursault the risk to specific his emotion and come to an awareness approximately his life that nothing certainly matters. Raymond unknowingly evoked the best emotion we see from Meursault, and is the catalyst to, essentially, the entire plot. Raymond is the most essential minor man or woman in Camus’ novel, The Stranger, and performs a critical role in the improvement of Meursault’s individual.

To conclude, the influence of Raymond is negative towards Meursault and leads to Meursault’s death sentence. The peer pressure put on Meursault to testify towards Raymond’s mistress sets Meursault up and became the first of many instances wherein Meursault becomes manipulated into doing something. The aggression of Meursault to apply violence against the Arab is a compelled demand that Meursault is to combat for Raymond in times of hardships as if Raymond owns Meursault. Finally, the assertion of Meursault as “a pal” impacts the jury heavily because Raymond runs a whorehouse and the people one hangs out with have robust effects. Together, these 3 things cause Meursault’s downfall and the demise sentence out of which Raymond is the one to blame.


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