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Sense Of Magical Knowledge In Bless Me Ultima

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Question 1: In the world of literature, magical realism comes with what would refer as a mixture of elements of magic that are characteristic of mixing up with the elements of real world. For instance, the novel provides the understanding of the fact that the Virgin of Guadalupe and the golden carp serve as symbols whose primary role is to add meaning to the story of Bless Me Ultima through the sense of magical knowledge as well as magic in the sense of real world. Furthermore, there are signs of gifts of God presented in the novel. According to GGG, this aspect of the book uses symbolism as an approach of bringing into reality the understanding of the fact that the novel and its story can easily be considered magical realism.

From the gift of God symbolism, there comes a parallel knowledge surrounding the concept of the phase of life where birth begins before enter into puberty, eventually marry, and get prepared for death. This is the reality that the book provides into the minds of its audience as explained by Augenbraum and Fernández. Furthermore, the novel offers a better understanding of the concepts of magical realism through the maintenance of realistic narratives that are also characteristic f recounting what would be seen by the audience as supernatural events reinforced by realities. For instance, “let’s forget the whole thing” (Anaya, 1165) before the mystery went off is contradicting in its sense following what transpired and what happened after. The understanding of this fact of magical realism comes forth through the combination of what can be proved to be true with the concept of Catholicism, which in effect results from the Spanish colonization of New Mexico. In regard with this aspect, the myth that surrounds the Golden Carp outlines what the audience of the book would examine as the reality of what Antonio did not ever consider in his entire life. The conflicting beliefs from the onset seemed to pit Antonio’s beliefs in the Catholic Doctrines and the reality that he came to know that the Golden Carp offered a different world that is way beyond Catholicism In the novel, the dialogue is characteristic of being blended through the use of both English and Spanish languages, making it difficult for one to read yet helps the audience understand the confusion that Antonio continuously faces. In fact, it is through this style of writing that the author ensures that there is a significant level of knowledge about the novel being centered on the theme of magical realism. This even evident through the phrase “every day I reclaimed from the rocky soil of the hill” (Anaya, 1176).

Question 2: In the chapter of the novel, “Uno”, there comes out the understanding of the manner in which the degree of positive depiction of family and community is given out by Anaya. At the same time, the author gives out a certain level of the manner in which the author depicts the family and the community has being with divisions and problems. The understanding of these aspects in the novel requires a critical analysis in order to come up with the knowledge of the message and ideas that Anaya as the author wanted the audience to understand about the complex nature of both the family and the community. For this assignment, the most important aspect of focus is the manner in which interactions among family and community members (characters) in the novel tackle various issues as they arise.

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As the chapter opens, the audience finds Antonio remembering the time when Ultima came into their family. At this juncture, we also learn that Antonio, the protagonist, begins to narrate his story as a child when he was a child at some point when his parents were having a discussion about Ultima. What transpires from the narration of Antonio provides the audience with a better knowhow of the manner in which the society and family can be good through family values. In this sense, although Antonio takes us through his memories, his family’s discussions were helpful in providing with the knowledge of World War II and the manner in which Ultima helped Maria at a time when her sons were born. The analysis of these first passages indicates that there is a degree of positive depiction of the community through Ultima’s support for Maria during a time of need. The same idea is depicted when Antonio took his time to “listen closely to the stories the ninth grade boys told the girls” (Anaya, 1164) with the aim of helping them towards a moral life.

Furthermore, through Antonio’s sleep and dream as narrated in the novel, there is a degree of the manner in which the family can be broken and the realization of a significant level of division in the community and family. In a dramatic scene of discussion, Theressa asks whether Grande is truly a witch. “Is it true she is a witch”, (Anaya, 1174). The understanding of this passage is that the society lacks trust among its members and accusations that are significantly baseless would lead one into being an outcast.

Considering these arguments, one would argue that Anaya wanted to convey the message that the complex depiction of the community requires the understanding of the fact there are different interests among individuals. At the same time, it is difficult to satisfy the needs of everyone. As such, it is important to note that it is almost impossible for both the family and the community to coexist without the knowledge of conflicting ideas.

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