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Sigmund Freud: Life, Work And Theories

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Table of contents

  1. Early Beginning
  2. Work
  3. Major Theories
  4. Performance record
  5. Conclusion
  6. References

The father of psychoanalysis as it’s can be described. Sigmund Freud was born in Austrian on May 6, 1856 and die of cancer on September 23, 1939. As we know Freund was an neurologist, who created an innovative approach of the human personality.

Early Beginning

Sigmund Freud was born in May 6, 1856 in the country Freiberg, Moravia( which now belong to Czech Republic ). Freud father was a businessman who had to move with his family to Vienna, where the family got settled. In Vienna where Sigmund Freud started with his early education. Freud began his journey of studying medicine at the University of Vienna. After Freud graduated from college, he stated to work in the Vienna general hospital. Freud went to Paris as an understudy of the nervous system specialist Jean Charcot. On his arrival to Vienna the next year, Freud set up in private work on, spend considerable time in anxious and mind issue. In 1886 was the year the Sigmund Freud wedded Martha Bernays, who them became the mother of his 6 kids.


As mention before Sigmund Freud was the father of psychoanalysis. According to Kendra “Time Magazine alluded to Freud as one of the most significant scholars of the only remaining century.”(cherry,2019). Why? because Freud was somebody always used to think outside the box as we like to say. Sigmund Freud help society to evaluate the way we think about the different area like for example: childhood, personality, memory, sexuality, and therapy. Sigmund Freud was name professor of Neuropathology at the University of Vienna in 1902, where he works approach was human behavior, he held the position until 1938.

Major Theories

One of his most suffering thoughts is the idea of the oblivious personality, which is a supply of contemplations, recollections, and feelings that lie outside the familiarity with the cognizant personality. He additionally recommended that character was comprised of three key components, the id, the sense of self, and the superego. Some other significant Freudian speculations incorporate his ideas of life and passing impulses, the hypothesis of psychosexual improvement, and the instruments of safeguard.

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Freud’s hypotheses were tremendously persuasive, yet subject to significant analysis both now and during his own life. Nevertheless, his thoughts have turned out to be intertwined into the texture of our way of life, with terms, for example, ‘Freudian slip’, ‘constraint’, and ‘disavowal’ showing up consistently in regular language.

In spite of the fact that Sigmund Freud contributed a lot to the field of phycology through his psychoanalytic hypothesis of human behavior, his work did not abandon examination. Many reprimanded his speculations for being excessively centered around sexuality; throughout the years since his work, numerous different scholars have adjusted and based on his plans to shape new hypotheses of personality.

Performance record

In 1910, the International Psychoanalytic Association was established with Carl Jung, who was close friend Freud. However, many years after Jung was able to build up his very own hypotheses. After World War One, Freud invested less energy in clinical perception and focused on the utilization of his speculations to history, artistry, writing and humanities. In 1923, he distributed ‘The Ego and the Id’, which proposed another basic model of the psyche, partitioned into the ‘id, the ‘ego’ and the ‘superego’


Freud’s work is regularly rejected today as non-logical, there is no doubt that he had a gigantic impact on psychology as well as on the bigger culture too. A considerable lot of his thoughts have turned out to be so saturated with the open mindfulness. The funder of psychoanalysis as we could remember was born in Austrian on May 6, 1856 and die of cancer on September 23, 1939.


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