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Society with no Freedom in Anthem

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Ayn Rand has shown a view of a community that is joined under, what seems to be, a socialist rule. There are strict rules that make sure everyone is involved collectively with this society. In Rand’s Anthem, the main character Equality 7-2521 wants to learn new things but cannot because of the overpowering government. He does many things to accomplish his goals because he wants to come up with great ideas and inventions. With that being said, he escapes a harsh government, so he can do things on his own that he has never done before. Rand utilizes simile, repetition, and personification to develop the theme: in certain societies, there is no such thing as freedom, but a person can still do good things outside of the authority’s rules and regulations.

As the novel opens, Rand utilizes a simile to prove this theme. They start by assigning everyone to different vocations and homes. The women live in the Home of Peasants and their job is to work the soil. There is a fence on the road which lies in the fields beyond the city. Women in the society is together as one but also, they work so hard in these fields “like the wings of sea-gulls” pounding over the soil (38). This explains how women have no freedom, but they did something good which is hard work and spending all that time beating on the soil.

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As the story continues, remember there is no such thing as freedom in this society. Equality 7-2521 goes to the Home of the Sweepers, but he thinks that he should be in the Home of Scholars. So, he stole some supplies and escapes to a tunnel that leads to his discovery which is electricity. They want everyone to know “We made it. We created it” at this point (59). So, he tries to take it to the World Council of Scholars because he is doing something good for their society. He concludes that they should help work together to make progress with his new invention. Equality 7-2521 broke the rule because he escapes, but he makes something that can be good for the community. She uses repetition to convey the discovery is made within outside privileges but not under government regulations.

At the end of the novel, after equality escapes and goes to the Uncharted Forest, he also finds a house there. There is a book in there which is the key to the last discovery of his freedom. He learns a new word ‘I’ but it is the unspeakable word that leads to death when someone uses it. However, he no longer has to rely on the collective for his needs, but he can live on his own. He knows freedom does not exist in his society and everyone is together as one but now he “done with the monster of “we”’ because he is on his own now (97). Rand uses personification as a view that he escapes but got something good out of it which is being on his own.

Rand utilizes simile, repetition, and personification to develop the theme: in certain societies, there is no such thing as freedom, but a person can still do good things outside of the authorities’ rules and regulations. They do not have any freedom within this society and the women have spent most of their time doing their job. Not only the women but equality makes an invention and wants everyone to know about but does it outside of the government rules. He also thinks he should not be together as one anymore because he is now on his own. However, everyone should have freedom and there is nothing wrong with doing good things even under someone else rules and regulations. Now and days, everyone has freedom something they did not have and hopefully in the future people will still have the privilege to do whatever they are willing to do without a government like that. Rand believes a lot of freedom to be completely necessary for anyone who wants to do good things and considers the resistances of some one’s freedom is morally important.

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