Stop Giving Alcohol to Underage Teenager: Persuasive Speech

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Underage teenagers increased drinking habits replicate the destruction of a tornado. As winds of addiction hollow out teenager’s humanity, parents continue to supply this all-consuming commodity. Alcohol is society’s deadliest poison, it is everywhere, a dangerous cocktail of destruction. Perceived as the ultimate social inclusion device, it comes as no surprise that alcohol has been ingrained as a societal norm with an insidious grasp.

Delusional parents are obsessed with the idea of being ‘cool’ rather than maintaining the innocence of their underage teenagers. They stubbornly claim that by introducing teenagers to alcohol, better drinking habits will be encouraged. Research proves otherwise; these troublesome parents are ultimately compromising their children’s welfare. Teenage drinking researcher, Jacqueline Bowden uncovered that teenagers whose parents do not condone alcohol consumption are less likely to drink alcohol. A bittersweet concoction. Undoubtedly, parents are one step closer to preventing permanent brain damage, broken reputations, and death, by simply not condoning alcohol use. It is time to stop this ferocious monstrosity in its tracks.

“Parents say they are doing the right thing by encouraging drinking within the safe environment of the home”, - Jacqueline Bowden.

Armed with irresponsible ‘parents’ to supply this drug directly, the increasing rates of youth drinking mirrors that of a deadly tornado. Parents are purposely pulling down their blindfolds to the extremely harmful impacts that underage drinking has on teenage brains. Alcohol preferentially affects the rational thinking and memory centers of the brain, with magnified effects on an immature cerebral cortex, leading to learning difficulties, memory problems and impaired problem solving. Incidentally, this image is irreversible. Ironically, parents claim that by supplying alcohol, they are protecting their children from the dangers of alcohol consumption.

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“Parental provision of alcohol to underage teenagers does not protect against increased alcohol consumption in the future”, - Simon Strahan.

Most teenagers already have a highly irrational personality which is magnified by their excessive consumption of alcohol. Unequivocally, the most accepted drug can also be the most destructive, wreaking havoc on countless lives. Alcohol is a concoction of party and pain; considered a socially acceptable drug, yet responsible for nearly half of all violent deaths involving youth. Consuming alcohol adds to the likelihood of a deadly decision being made, especially through the prevalence of drink driving. Approximately 2,000 deaths are caused on the road per year, due to minors driving under the influence. Supplying your underage children alcohol blindly adds to this alarming statistic. Drink driving is a death wish and for teenager Jonathon Taylor, one that tragically came true. Taylor was speeding and under severe influence of alcohol when he crashed, killing himself and severely injuring another teenage passenger. Dr. Charles Matthews and Kimberly Matthews, parents of the passenger were arrested and charged on four counts each of aiding and abetting the consumption of alcohol by minors. Evidently, parents who supply children alcohol are complicit in their children’s death. Do not let their lives be cruelly snatched away. Death is already inevitable, so why add to the probability?

Countless parents have collected their alcohol poisoned child from a hospital emergency department lit with beeping machines pumping electrolytes into their unconscious child. Along with the smell of danger when transporting someone else’s child who has nearly asphyxiated on their own vomit. Exposed pictures of drunken girls lying on pub toilet floors and teenage boys making regrettable decisions, posted in one oblivious click to social media. A child’s future rests on the shoulders of their parents. Consequently, providing alcohol to a minor is a childish mistake and can lead to disastrous consequences for their future. Failure to get a job, a criminal record, drink driving, and death at their hands, are just a few of the endless consequences more likely to occur for an underage teenager who is given the opportunity to drink. Unaware and underage adolescence deserve better, but do not know better, when the supply comes from their own homes. These situations are devastating, and they are becoming disturbingly normal. Responsible parenting is the only solution.

Society must wake up and accept that supplying alcohol to an underage teenager starts them down a slippery slope and perpetuates a dangerous drinking culture through the generations. In contradiction of the prevailing social trend that a night without a drink is no night at all, the easiest way to guarantee your child the best shot at life is to stop supplying this deadly poison. Stop the supply now!

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