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Strategic Alliance For The Natural History Museum For The 2020-2025

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This business report suggests the proposed strategic alliance for the Natural History Museum for the 2020-2025. Natural History Museum is one of the renowned museums which was in joint venture with the British Museum but lately due to the space insufficiency and separation of the stakeholders the Museum was lately known as the Natural History Museum. Further will discuss the analysis of the museum alliances pros and cons of the museum.


Natural History Museum was originally part of the British Museum until 1963. After the death of the doctor and collector named Sloane the collection which he made after travelling to the whole world, was in the hand of the Parliament. His collection was around 71k items and each costing around 20k pounds. Firstly the collection was decided to kept in British Museum but to the space insufficiency Sir Richard Owen who was in charge of the collection decided to take it to the other museum and from their the even the separation of the board of trustees lately the unique collection was taken to the place which is lately known as the Natural History Museum.

The main highlights of the museum are The Darwin Center and Hintze Hall. The Darwin center was opened to the public in the year 2009. This is the center which welcomes the researchers and scientists who are working on the collections and to bring in still more of the collections towards the museum in order to attract the visitors. Important thing to know about the center is that its equipped with latest technology and there are more than 150 scientists working in the center.

Another highlighting point is the Hintz Hall which is the center piece of attraction and it was renovated in the year 2017. The Diplodocus skeleton which was replaced with blue whale skeleton.

Its non-profit organization which is funded by the government and even the other supporters who are supporting the museum. And the executive board is responsible of management of the museums and running of the museum. The executive board and the Trustees of the museum meets four times a year.


For the possible strategic alliance NHM can opt for is the signing the partnership with Louvre Abu Dhabi museum. The unique museum in the Abu Dhabi. This is the place where none of the museum is ever touching on the side of the nature. It would great opportunity for the NHM and Louvre Abu Dhabi to be partners in way that they would exchange the culture and connect to the nature. Louvre is very famous museum in name of the its unique collection and even for the ethics the museum have mostly representing the styles of the Dubai. It has recently called for 300 items from the France museums under the agreement in order to have that museum’s collections Louvre.

Louvre Abu Dhabi is little entity intended to be little on in the Persian Gulf. This museum has set trend of going globally with many other museums in order to fetch out with the competition. The main purpose of pouring the relationship with this museum is that the national and well recognized museum and not only that but the place is one of the highest rated tourist place. So basically this would cobranded museum’s joint venture which would become the soft power that might offer the mark for the cultural Diplomacy.

Here, the purpose is to connect to the values of the nature on the other side which is not they’re in any of the museums in Dubai. Most of the museums in Dubai are either representing the lifestyle of their ancestors. Taking the history of nature to the next level in Dubai will fascinate the people coming there along with the Nature love park been the center of attraction for most the people visiting Dubai.

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And before moving forward with idea of going internationally, the Louvre is the gallery museum so NHM will need to pass on the collection of the Wildlife photography and collections from the three different zones of the museums. So that the gallery will be able to upgrade with the collection and NHM will get the co-branded joint venture in return.


NHM and Louvre will opt for co-branded joint venture meaning they sign an agreement for the 2020-2025 which will allow the NHM to share their collections with Louvre in the sense that Louvre will ask for loan of NHM collection to be displayed in their museum with goal and mission to reaching out to the people with showing some humanity towards the nature. Instead of NHM holding the exhibitions of the Wildlife Photography in London itself it can take the wildlife photography collection towards the Louvre galleries. Not only that but the unique collection of the NHM can be given as loan to Louvre. As Louvre is the one which is thematically divided museum. In which there are 12 themes each representing something or other. But a new theme will be given by NHM as contribution in order to expand and attract more visitors.

And this would represent parallel development of disparate culture at one place. And according to the case study undergone it has been seen that this museum is still underscoring of the museums and still wishing to add the collection from Europe, America.

Both museum have some give and take relationship with each other to be known as the international joint venture and one of the successful one.

Going on the funding the Government would be ready to join hands with Louvre as it would be giving benefits to that museum as its joining hands with Nationally renowned museum. Other side the NHM will be able to reach out to the people their who are visiting the museum with the moto of valuing the nature.

The space insufficiency should not be the issue. As the museum has already stated that it would still like to have the cobranded joint venture with above mentioned countries.


To conclude with the analysis of the cobrand joint venture of NHM and Louvre in order to cover the possible possibilities of the museums and strategy with possible pros and cons of both museums. One thing which is common is that the Louvre museum is need of more visitors and NHM has a moto of reaching out to the people with nature’s value. After examining the possibilities, we would be able to recommended whether the strategic alliance would be possible or not.


  • NHM will get chance to represent the brand at most visited place and at the renowned tourist place. And return Louvre will get chance to stand out and will be able to attract more visitors as the NHM the national museum is joining the hands with museum.
  • Cultural diplomacy is the strategic successful as the they would get chance to exchange the culture bases for the parallel development.


The only possible weakness which is seen is the collection which are supposed to be given on loan to the Louvre needs to taken care and maintained well and for that the cost of maintenance for the louvre might increase. Keeping in mind the financial side Louvre might rethink of accepting the collection from NHM.


The museums would be highlighted in terms of setting up the trend of going globalization, in terms of cultural diplomacy.


  • The possibility of the substitute. And competition from the rivalry museums might also arise from it.
  • Cultural diplomacy has its own pros and cons. And not only that cost of collection giving as loan will also increase the financial issue with the museums.


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