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The Aspects Of Team Development Interventions

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Teams are integral part of any organisation and this article highlights the importance of ‘Team Development interventions’ (Shuffler et al., 2011) which can boost teamwork and thus the productivity of organisation. The importance of teamwork and collaboration within the workforce has significantly increased over the years. Teamwork needs interventions which are specifically designed to enhance their effectiveness in the organisations. Great teams produce great results. To be successful team members must follow effective processes designed to achieve desired outcomes. Team development interventions improve team competencies, to gain improvements in short and long-term objectives. The usefulness of TDIs is evident across various industries (like education, healthcare, military, aviation). TDIs are applicable in varied settings. This article focuses on four types of evidence-based TDIs which are as follows:

  • team training
  • leadership training
  • team building
  • team debriefing.

Teams working collaboratively towards a common goal are key to success. Nothing can be achieved without any effective collaboration between team members. (Stagl, Shawn Burke, & Pierce, 2006) A study was conducted by BMC Health Services Research:

‘TDIs in non-acute healthcare settings’ explains this. Evaluation has been done on four domains namely:

  • trainee evaluations
  • teamwork attitudes/knowledge
  • team functioning
  • Patient impact.

And the results obtained from the study were mixed where some areas need robust improvements wherein others areas required very small non-significant changes to make things work.

And based on the study, it was proved that robust TDIs is definitely going to be helpful in improving team functioning and result in positive patient impacts in non-acute healthcare settings.

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One of the findings of the Francis Report into healthcare failings at Mid Staffordshire hospital was that good team working is critical (Francis, 2013). As leaders it is our responsibility to create an environment in which teams can function to their best, team members flourish and patients receive the best attention and care.

Today all organisations require teams to be prompt, responsive and adaptive to resolve challenging situations and this can be achieved when each individual (Tannenbaum et al., 2012) in the team is:

  1. technically capable to execute their assignments
  2. Shows teamwork competencies and leadership capabilities

Whole team must engage themselves in effective interpersonal and team management. Team effectiveness can be enhanced by team development interventions which are thoughtfully designed and implemented.

Majorly all TDIs are based on non-technical team skills. If we want to get the most out of our teams, we need to provide the correct combination of interventions at the correct time and place,” Shuffler said.

To achieve the aim it is necessary that teams should participate in research based interventions which can boost team’s capabilities and performance. But unfortunately few organizations think that interventions like organising few games and fun filled activity once in a quarter is going to make the better team. Evidence based TDI is an obvious solution where teamwork is critical to achieve goal.

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