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The British Football Culture And Potential Impacts On The British Football By Brexit

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The football culture is big in England and in Scotland. There are many reasons why many people start with football and join different football communities. For instance, in Glasgow Scotland, ethnicity, nationality and history are the reasons why people are joining different football communities. On the other hand, this creates a lot of conflicts between different football teams and their fans. In Glasgow, there are two huge football clubs who are rival to each other, Celtic and Rangers. Celtic does represent an Irish and Catholic football club in Glasgow and Ranger does represent an English and protestant football club. The bigotry and animosity have its roots from hundreds of years ago which creates big threats even today.

The rivalry between Celtic and Rangers is from a battle over 300 years ago in Ireland. A protestant king, King William of Orange, defeated a Catholic army at the battle of Boyne. This made England protestant, but Ireland remained Catholics. The hate between Celtic and Rangers started from the English imperialism, the fact that England dominated the whole British island and the scots got involved when protestants were sent to Ireland to settle the land on behold of the English aristocracy. During the late 19th century the whole of Ireland was poor and corrupt. This time in Scotland, the industries in Glasgow needed workers and the Irish were cheap labour workers. Due to poor circumstances, many Irishmen moved to Scotland for work. The Scottish capitalists often settled the Irish workers in sperate villages just to separate the Catholics from the others. This over time created a huge conflict between the Irishmen and Englishmen in Glasgow, and football became a way to demonstrate against each other.

The English football is about to take a huge hit when Britain’s government cannot come up with a smooth agreement with the European Union for its exit out of the supranational cooperation. The Premier League is considered as “the best league in the world” and its multinational cooperation for world talents are at risk. Freedom of labour movement which the EU countries have an agreement of has hugely benefitted the Premier League. This has led to many footballing talents within the EU countries has signed for English clubs and has made the Premier League very entertaining and competitive league watch. Brexit for obvious reasons could hinder the movement. Premier League teams who are willing to sign players from the EU countries would require more paperwork because the players from the EU countries could be subjected to the same visa and working permit as other players outside of the EU.

The FA, however, see Brexit as an opportunity for the English national team to grow. The number of English players playing in the Premier League has been negatively affected by the appetite for foreign players. English players started just 1/3 of the games, a far less than the proportion of native talents in the other top 5 leagues in Europe (Bundesliga, La Liga, Seri A and Ligue 1). During 2018, the FA published its plan to reduce the current foreign players in a club’s 25-man squad. The FA believes that Brexit would allow English players to receive more game-time and, therefore, better development amongst English players.

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However, the Premier League would not be very exciting to watch where most of the world’s best players are gone from the league due to visa restriction, etc. What makes Premier League so entertaining and competitive is best players from around the world (but mostly from the EU countries) are playing in the league such as De Bruyne, Hazard, Leroy Sané, etc. If the UK’s government doesn’t make a good and a smooth deal with the European Union, this will kill the best league in the world and English football.

Alex Ferguson is a name that will forever live amongst the football fans. He managed Manchester United from the late 1980s until 2013 and is known as one of the best, if not the best manager in the Premier League’s history. His success at Old Trafford is unquestioned. Sir Alex has forever changed the way football was played. He invented some unique tactics and formations which gained in popularity immediately and every football club adapted his style in their games. He introduced “fast-paced attacking football” in his first years as a manager, even before his successful career at Manchester United. This new way of playing football, especially in the attack, was a very successful tactic for Sir Alex in his first years as a manager. This tactic leads Sir Alex to win his first major trophy when beating Bayern Munich and Real Madrid on his way to lifting the European Cup trophy.

In his 27 years at Manchester United, he won all the possible major trophies at Old Trafford such as The Champions League, The Premier League, The FA Cup, etc. What makes him an excellent manager is his excellent skills for leadership, motivating the players when they are demotivated and exhausted, adapting his tactics depending who the opponent is, and he’s is a great businessman for negotiation during transfer windows. These characteristics gained him respect and trust from every footballer who played for United. He had an eye for great talents too, and he knew how to develop them into superstar such as Ronaldo, Pique, Ryan Giggs, Rio Ferdinand, etc.

Bobby Moore is one of the greatest defenders in football history. He was England’s iconic captain who led England to World Cup victory over Germany in 1966 World Cup tournament. He is currently England’s only captain to ever lift the World Cup trophy. His ability for reading the game and understanding what is happening is what makes him so good and a legend in the game.

In my opinion, the fact that English and Scottish clubs have the most loyal fans has attracted millions of fans around the world to support an English and Scottish club. Whether it is a big team such as Manchester United and Tottenham or a hometown club, the fans are very loyal towards their favourite club. This kind of love towards the club that they support cannot be found anywhere else. It is enough to watch an unknown club game; the fans are incredible. The bigger games are very special to watch, such as Tottenham vs Arsenal. You can feel the atmosphere from the TV and sometimes it feels like you’re inside the stadium and watching the game. It is that incredibly good fans of football England have!

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