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The Curious Incident Of The Dog In The Night-Time: Character Analysis

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Christopher Boone

Christopher John Francis Boone is a 15-year-old boy with sandy brown hair, light brown eyes and can understands most logic of the world, but he hasn’t quite figured out people yet. Christopher has a present characteristic of his ability that can’t really imagen and relate to what people are feeling. This is simply because he can’t quite get an understanding of what other people might be feeling at that time. This might involve sarcasm he can’t typically read that the person is being sarcastic. For Christopher, he doesn’t mention the word Autism throughout the book, but he keeps showing and presenting evidence of this like when he said most people enjoy chatting, but he doesn’t. He finds this pointless. He doesn’t see social interaction as relevant, so he doesn’t see the purpose of talking about an irrelevant topic to a person. Christopher doesn’t trust very many people and only the people that he knows well he trusts. Because of this he then tends to think that staying in his room and reading is better than socializing with his Dad or with other people. Other than this Christopher doesn’t think of his flaws as negative things, but he focuses on the ups such as his skills in math’s and his remarkable memory.

Christopher throughout the novel shows levels of maturity and independence. As he ventures off into the world after finding out information that changed Christopher’s whole view of life. He ended up traveling through places he didn’t know and ended up with new experiences. Christopher’s day depended on his system of the colour of cars, whether it would be 5 red cars in a row or 5 yellow cars in a row it would determine his day. Even at the age of 15 he had mapped out his life plan. He knew everything he was going to do. When Christopher went rebellious against his father and had a chance to be more independent, his system of good or bad days had been muddled up. Most of his life had changed because Christopher had the courage and the mindset to go out and find his mother and who killed Wellington.

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Ed Boone

Edward Boone is a very emotional person, usually towards Christopher. In some cases, he goes to extremes, like occasionally blowing up in anger but it was really him caring for Christopher. When explaining himself he tends to stutter and has some trouble putting sentences together, in some ways it seems like Edward is like Christopher, but he can understand what Christopher can’t. Not many people are named that could be friends with Edward other than Rhodri – Rhodri is the only person the book mentions. Edward has gone through so much with his emotions. This includes having relationship issues with Christopher’s mother. Because of these issues Edward has learned to bottle them up as sooner or later they would eventually explode during stressful situations.

Christopher’s father lovingly and diligently cares for his son, yet he also struggles with not always being able to understand Christopher and his behaviour. He has to carefully prepare all of Christopher’s food and drinks according to his big list of what he like and dislikes. This is a big benefit because this is what brings them both closer together, so they can enjoy life together. Even though this does happen and sometimes there can be disruptions like when Christopher can’t understand him, which is quite a bit. Despite all of this, Christopher’s father is extremely protective of him. This impulse to protect Christopher was because of his mother leaving him. Unfortunately, when Ed had been lying for so long and Christopher finding out what really happened to his mother. This is clearly because Ed wants to hurt and punish in a sense his ex-wife. With this he clearly saw afterwards that his and Christopher’s relationship had almost detreated because of this. So, in the end of this Christopher’s dad may have to work harder to restore his relationship with Christopher.

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