The Interrelation Of Public Health And Gun Violence

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“Gun violence is not something that appears just in a bad neighborhood or in another part of the world. It appears right here, right outside your door.” (Mendell, 1998,) This large world we exist in, presently there is gun violence right outside our own front doors. Gun violence is the beginning of upsetting the human race yearly in the United States. Watching the news on television we constantly see and take notice of in relation to the shooting of many citizens in the community. There might be a link from public health and gun violence in the world. Living in a suburb of a major city, there is always some affect from a shooting that happens in the city.

Right at the moment, gun aggression is an important unanswered community health care that is catastrophe in the United States. There are so many citizens in the community that can see horrendous violent acts by way of a gun in a person’s hand. These violent acts can be related to anyone’s emotional or physical stress.

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“Gun violence has implications for emotion physical injury, it is only relatively recent that experts are beginning to recognize the longer term effects that reap an extensive toll on the boarder health status of individuals, families and communities.” (Byrdsong, Devan, & Yamatani, 2016, para). There is groundwork of many people to become additionally aware of a relationship to gun violence and overall huge health problems. There are many families and friends that can have relatives that were involved with a violent gun act. The physical sting that can cause such damage isn’t the only thing, emotional can be suffered, also.

The physical suffering can leave, but the recollections of what had occurred will always be with those that think about the past. The emotional recollections can affect many way longer than physical; there might be a need for the medial professionals to talk to those that have those tender memories to help conquer the pain. Due to their memories they might need more than just someone to talk to, but move away from where the victims suffered the painful reminiscences. Violent behavior is a likely action in an unsafe area surroundings; it’s deep seeded in complex fundamental issues (Byrdsong, Devan, & Yamatani, 2016,). Now, that’s not saying that everyone carries a troubled past, but many can carry images of things that have happened to them or the love ones that have been through that pain can cause scaring that needs to be articulated.

The United States definitely contains a severe gun-violence dilemma. “Gun control literature has attempted to quantify effects of gun regulation on crime rates, both within the United States and around the world.” (Gunn, ter Horst, & Markossian, 2018, para. ). There’s no measurement of firearm control in the effects of the firearm guidelines on crime charges. Gun violence is a complicated and overwhelmed part of our society, thus we have to acquire a public health approach to come in reach of ways to assure relatives and population is out of all the harm’s way. There is necessitate for looking at other means for gun violence. Some citizens say that the aggressive games that youth are playing elevate the authentic perform of violence. The possibility that out into the world that was thought to be safe isn’t too safe anymore.

Gun violence has both been heroic and horrific! It has also been a part of our culture from the era of the Pilgrims to the present day: America was born of war and has conquered its land by armed force. There will always be guns in our nation since The Second Amendment states that the people can have guns and bear ARMS, shall not be infringed. With very few exceptions, anyone is allowed to own a gun if it’s for their safety or want for their needs. It isn’t like the guns that citizens who have possession of will go anywhere. There is little to say about the violent behavior that is happening. People all over hear about the shooting that occurred overnight while the community sleeps.

All in all, community wellbeing needs to be looking into gun violence for more for the victims and survivors. The need to take more care of those that have had to endure and dealing with the gun violence is showing up in our world. The victims have to have a voice to stop the cycle, plus, our community needs to have hope that fear isn’t close to their front doors. There needs to be more care for those that have had to deal with gun brutality to the society that has had to see the aggression and yet have nowhere to turn. Gun violence can be outside your own door or a few towns over. There is a lot of violence in the world and having better care for those that have been a victim is better for everyone.

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