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The Issue Of Doctor Shaming

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Doctor shaming is the act of humiliating someone in medical profession specifically the physicians. The shame evidently comes from initiating negative feedbacks towards the doctors. It can be done face to face interaction, and even through text based. Nowadays, hence, technology is very advanced, people prefer to use social medias or websites wherein there are a lot of audience involved. It is very common nowadays, and there are a lot of cases airing. Doctor shaming on any social platforms should be imprisoned.

Doctor shaming can lead to the lost of credibility of a physician as a health care provider. It is one of the harmful effect of doctor shaming. After being humiliated on social media, it is expected that a lot of people will criticize and gave negative feedbacks about the doctor, a lot of people will start to question their abilities and capabilities as a health care provider. One post can destroy their career, it is indeed powerful and dangerous. 'Medically related viral posts should remind us that no matter what the circumstance, there is no excuse for arrogance among health care workers when dealing with patients and their loved ones.'(Baticulon, 2016). There are better ways to express our rants, without shaming people.

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Doctor shaming has an impact on the reputation of the hospitals. As we all know, when someone post something on social media and it went viral, it is hard to erased that certain post. According to Stewart Gandolf from Healthcare Success, 'a doctor’s online reputation is now more powerful than his curriculum vitae.' Most people nowadays, prefer to use social media to check the backgrounds of their physician. They immediately believe what they see on social media. People do not consult a physician that has a lot of negative feedbacks on the social websites. It is another harmful effect of doctor shaming on social websites to the career of the physicians and to the hospitals where they are working. Physician's bad reputation reflects to the hospitals that they are working. On the other hand, if the physicians receives a lot of positive feedbacks, the more patients will come after them, that will increase the income of the hospitals and its positive comments.

Doctor shaming post never led to a positive resolution. Social media is indeed powerful and very dangerous tool. Posting or expressing your thoughts toward someone through social media can surely leads to misunderstanding which only makes the problem worse. Think before you start to cussed words towards someone, share your inelegant rants to public, be matured enough to handle your grudge. Stop humiliating and degrading people, you do not have an idea what they have been through. It is not just you who is struggling, doctors who spend their lives studying for almost a decade, had sacrificed a lot of sleepless nights just to study and finished the tasked that was given to them. They missed a lot of family occasions just to review for their exams. They almost gave up because of anxiety, depression, disappointments they have encountered, but still pursued their dreams that someday they will help people who are sick, save lives that can still be save, provide health care for people who cannot afford to pay bills in the hospitals. Then, there you are in just one click you destroyed everything that they have been working on for a decade.

A dramatic status you post on any social platforms, a one sided story destroyed the career that the doctors built up with their hard work and dedication. As a human being we are indeed perfectly imperfect, doctors can make mistake but just try to understand someone and put yourself into their situation. There you will see their struggles and all. Stop criticizing medical professionals, they are also human they are not perfect, so are you.

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