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The Life Of A Pediatrician

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Many people dream of making a difference in the world by either being a doctor or being a police officer. Not all pathways to making a difference are easy, for example studying to become a Pediatrician is very difficult. It’s a very high skilled job that may not be for all people. A pediatrician specializes in caring for babies up until they are young adults. They also get paid a very high pay, which can be very beneficial. Although the education is more challenging and sometimes can take more time to finish.

As a pediatrician you specialize in caring for babies, they usually take care of your child’s physical, behavior and as well as their mental health issues. Pediatrician can also oversee vaccinations, diagnose and treat the child’s injuries, nutrition information, their development and any other care. In the article “What Is a Pediatrician?” it states that a pediatrician usually they would have to be graduated from medical school and completed a 3-year residency program in pediatrics and complete phycology, medical sciences, neuroanatomy and many others more. When thinking of becoming a pediatrician undergrad student must place high on their academic standing, because medical school is very hard to get into and most of the time, they only accept top students.

Salary is a very important in a job, it’s what a person is going to be living off. A pediatrician is one of the jobs in the medical field that gets the highest pay “The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reports the average salary of a pediatrician at $184,240 annually (Pediatrician Career). The range can go from 180,000 up to 270,000. The working condition of a pediatrician is very hectic, they work up to 9 to 12 hours a day, or 45 to 60 hours a week. They sometimes can have irregular schedules and they even must work on weekends whenever it’s necessary. Pediatricians don’t’ only work in medical office setting but they can also work in many places like schools, hospitals, or urgent care settings.

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There are many other jobs in the medical field that are like a pediatrician. There is Registered nurses, nurse midwives, nurse practitioner and many other more similar occupations. These all have to do with babies and up to young adults, and just adults. These jobs are challenging in the education because they still specialize in babies and kids and people’s overall health. These jobs are also the tops of the most paid jobs in the medical field, which is good if people want o earn good income but don’t want to spend more time than needed on education.

This is a great for me because I’ve always liked the medical field, especially working with babies and kids, I knew that it was my passion since I was in Elementary school. A pediatrician is a very motivated person, since they put all their time, effort and soul to their career. Later, in life their hard work pays off, I want that kind of motivation in my life to know that I can be able to finish college and pursue my dreams.

Overall, being a pediatrician is very beneficial if you know you can give your full time and effort on the education. It may come with challenges, but If you decide to become a pediatrician you will have to put in as much effort and have a lot of motivation because it can be very intensive. At the end of the journey you will see that the hard work you put in paid off, and it will be rewarding and fulfilling.

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