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The Modern Treatments Of Diabetes

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Diabetes is a chronic condition/disease that people can get that will change their lives forever in good and bad ways. Diabetes affects the body by the pancreas either producing the hormone insulin too much (type 2) or by it failing and requiring manual injections of it or the insulin pump to be set to do certain things and does certain amounts of insulin (type 1). Over time the treatment of diabetes has changed, specifically type 1 diabetes, starting from insulin pumps to Continues Glucose Monitor (CGM). Although problems arise with the technology and the disease itself from hyperglycemia and hypoglycemia, highs and lows.

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Diabetes is a life changer for that suffer from it and those who live with people that have it. The condition targets the pancreas and eats away at the hormonal cells that produce the hormone ‘insulin’. This hormone is vital for the functioning body as it counters the sugars in food that you eat. Without it your blood glucose level (BGL) would shoot through the roof creating hyperglycemia and if high for an extended period of time, it would develop ketones. Symptoms that show that you are getting diabetes include massive weight loss, lots of drinking water, and urinating lots. If symptoms are visible it is recommended by professionals to see your doctor. If left for too long, the ketones will begin eating at vital organs such as the liver and kidneys. This will then lead to you going into a coma from the ketones. This stage is very difficult to go through and will sometimes end up in death. This is just the beginning. This condition changes the daily life of an average person into manual injections and finger pricks to extract blood into a machine. This is a daily process unless you have an insulin pump and CGM. The body will function as normal but when it comes to eating food, an injection will be required for the sugar and carbohydrates in the food. The only thing that differs from the normal body that is healthy, is that the pancreas will not dose the insulin required for the sugar. The only systems affected by this disease are the digestive system and the circulatory system. Other systems such as the nervous system are safe. This is because the pancreas is important for the digestive system by countering the food the is in the stomach. It affects the circulatory system by carrying the energy into the bloodstream to different parts of the body. The insulin acts as a guide and as a way to counter the extra energy that has no point in being in the system. Most of the time the energy will be sent to an area of the body for reasons that have been explained. The insulin prevents hyperglycemia from occurring, too much sugar, and the sugar prevents hypoglycemia from happening, too much insulin, both of which can end in extremely bad situations.

Modern treatment for diabetes includes manual injections with finger pricking, or an insulin pump with a CGM, or these methods with different ones, CGM and injections, and vice versa. The manual injections require blood glucose levels to see where the level is standing. Once the level is recorded and written down, a card showing dosage units depending on the amount insulin units per 15 grams of carb. For example, it is possible to have .75 units per 15 grams or the simple standard dosage amount of 1 unit for every 15 grams. The dosing card includes the correction factor that is dependant on the level. If the level is in between a recommended range of 4.0-7.0 there is no correction. Anything above these levels will require a correction. The CGM requires Bluetooth from phones to show the level. The pump only requires grams of carb for the dose. With a BGL, the pump will automatically correct with the correct dosing. The body systems aren’t affected by these modern treatments, but rather the body system acts as if the pancreas is still working fine. Modern technology is still advancing on better treatments. For hyperglycemia, all that is needed is corrections. For hypoglycemia, sugar is needed, fast and slow acting. Fast-acting foods include lollies, juice, carbonated drinks, and anything that has high amounts of sugar. Slow-acting foods include pizza, pasta, wheat passed foods, nut bars, and rice. The fast-acting foods are used for immediate low treatment, and the slow-acting is used after a low when the level goes back up to something above it.

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