The Peculiarities Of Leadership In Sports

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Table of contents

  1. The skills and advanced skills required by successful sports leaders
  2. The qualities and advanced qualities of a successful sports leaders
  3. The core and wider responsibilities of a successful sports leaders

​It should be understood up front that this assignment regards a presentation to the Year 9 sports leaders, on attributes and responsibilities of sports leadership. To be precise, this assignment looks at the skills and advanced skills, the qualities and advanced qualities, and the core and wider responsibilities required by successful sports leaders . Similarly, the assignment focuses on a presentation to students about the qualities and responsibilities required by a sports leader to be successful. That said, the assignment progresses as follows.

​Apparently, just as leadership in other fields is important, leadership in sports is crucial. sport leaders vary from sports couches to fitness instructors , to school/college coaches. There are several attributes and responsibilities that are associated with successful leadership in sports.

The skills and advanced skills required by successful sports leaders

​One important skill that is needed by a sports leader for his/her success is knowledge. Being knowledgeable is an advantage that a successful sports leader can have over other sports leaders. He/she is able to do the right thing and at the same time avoid any wrong doing. In other words, this leader will comprehend all the laws and rules that govern the field of sports. He/she additionally will understand what are the best tactics or methods to enhance performance of the team. The knowledge skills will allow the leader to pass information to the team, hence help them develop new skills.

​Having excellent communication as well as interpersonal skills is also important for any leader in sports. As a leader, one ought to communicate effectively or create an environment that enhances effective communication. Effective communication involves both the conveyance of information and listening to the other party. This means that a successful sports leader should provide a listening ear to his team. He/she should be able form positive relationships with his/her team such that the team will be able to communicate effectively as well. This is important as it allows the leader to access any information that can be helpful in making any necessary changes or adjustments. Consequentially, there will be enhanced trust between the leader and his/her team. These skills will generally enhance the connection between the leader and the team. If any miscommunication arises, many challenges are bound to be presented. For instance, a miscommunication on time and venue for a coaching session could result in late reporting or missing the session altogether.

​Another skill that is crucial is organizational skills. As a sports leader, one should be organized. This applies to him/her as a person, and his team. He/she should not only come up with plans but also help in implementing the plans. Without a plan in place, it would be impossible to achieve any positive results. This implies that, the leader should ensure appropriate systems and necessary routines are put in place for the team to achieve any set goals. The leader must ensure that the team have a direction and know what it takes to reach their destination. This should start at individual level and progresses at a team level. If one is organized, bringing a team together and maintaining their togetherness will be easy as 1,2,3. Organization of the team reduces chances of anxiety in the team members. It helps them to be prepared mentally and handle competition with ease. It also keeps the motivation of the team in check.

​Observational skills are also important to a successful sports leader. As a leader, one should be able observe the finest details there is. The observational skills should be coupled with the ability of him/her to analyze the situation in an effective way. The analysis is relevant in coming up with ways that can enhance the team's performance. The observational skills will go a long way in foreseeing any failure hence will help in the planning of the adjustments or changes needed. The observational skills should originate from the leader himself. He/she should be aware of himself/herself such that he/she will notice anything that out of place. The self awareness will be a guide in the analysis process.

​A successful sports leader must be innovative. Innovation skills are relevant in resolving any challenges that occur. As a leader, one should not only rely on the existing ways of tackling problems. He/she should therefore be ready to come up with fresh new ideas that can serve as the best solution to the problems. The leader should be ready to learn and apply new techniques that can enhance performance of the team. Although not all the new ideas may lead to successes, failure to try them can be disadvantageous. An innovative leader passes the same ability to his/her team members as a person and as a group.

​Similarly, the sports leader ought to have patience and flexible. While the leader can impact a change on the techniques or method s of enhancing performance of the team, he/she cannot force their effectiveness. The best thing he/she can do is watch and wait. This is where patience comes in. He/she should know that success cannot come in one day hence the need for perseverance. This will translate in the team having patience themselves and keep doing their best. When it come to flexibility, sports leaders need to be ready for any change or adjustments. As mentioned before, there may reach a time when the techniques or methods in place may not work. As a leader, one should one should come up with ways that may serve as solutions to the existing problems. This will translate in the team being flexible as well.

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The qualities and advanced qualities of a successful sports leaders

​The basic qualifications of one being a leader in sports is having a foundation in areas like health science, sports science, sport coaching as well as sports management. However if one wants to be a successful sports leader, there are several qualities he/she must have.

​A successful sports leader should be a positive role model. As a person in leadership, one should set a good example to his/her team in whatever he/she does. If this leader if filled up with all positive behaviors, there is no doubt that the team will follow soot. The team members will be able to conduct themselves positively. Also just as awareness is a skill, it is a quality of a successful sports leader. The leader should be close to the team members for him/her to be aware of what is going on. He will be able to know the strengths and the weaknesses of the team. This is necessitated by effective communication whereby, he/she talk and relate with the team. As sports leader, being passionate is key. Passion makes it easier for the leader drive the team through loses and defeat. Similarly, passion serves as a drive towards the achievement of the set goals. Being passionate means that one will remain positive at all times. He will be committed and dedicated in everything that he/she does.

​Another important quality of a successful sports leader is the will to win. In this leader's mind, failing is not an option. As a result, he/she does whatever necessary to increase the chances of winning. He/she pushes his/her team in the hardest ways possible to compete effectively. For example, a coach will create time to train with the team, bring positive energy to the table and lead the team to victory. However, this does not mean the leader should employ unethical techniques or methods in acquiring the victory. The will to win can be coupled with confidence.

​Being visionary also serves as a good quality of a successful sports leader. Before implementing any techniques, a successful sports leader envisions their success in his/her mind. The availability of a vision forms a basis of the motivation of both the leader and the team. Sharing of one's vision as a sports leader will draw the necessary support from the team. Having a vision in place therefore makes it possible for all the stake holders to know the way to success and what are the obstacles to success. It also dictates of what is to be done to achieve the set goals. A vision is there to provide directions of the dos and don'ts in order to achieve maximum performance.

​As a sports leader, one should also be able to induce success to his/her team through motivation. Motivation is said to make the impossible possible. Motivation can be described as an umbrella for drive, persistence, perseverance as well as determination. If a team is motivated, there is no obstacle that can hinder their performance. As a sports leader, it is important that you provide motivation to your team. Although internal motivation will go a long way, lack of external motivation can pull someone down (especially in the field of sports). This means that as a leader, one should create an environment that allows each of the team members to feel motivated in all aspects. The leader should be there to support the team from the start to the end. For instance as a coach, one can create time to coach the team. This however does not mean that coaching the team from Monday to Sunday will guarantee success. Sometimes being motivational can simply mean giving the team some time to rest and rejuvenate. It may only need the lead to be there to support them physically and emotionally. Encouraging the team at all times will serve as motivation.

The core and wider responsibilities of a successful sports leaders

​Regarding the core and wider responsibilities of a successful sports leaders, there is a number that can been considered. The primary role of such leaders is enhancing the performance of their teams. They help the team exploit their full potentials. In the case of a couch, he/she ensures the athlete perform s his best at most if not all times. These responsibilities include:

  • The leader assesses the strengths as well as the weaknesses of each of the member of the team. This way, he/she is able to make necessary adjustments or changes.
  • He/she evaluates the performance of the team. In so doing, he/she is able to provide the necessary feedback in order for the team members to improve on their areas of weakness.
  • The leader conducts himself/herself in a professional manner. This means that he/she promotes fair play in his team BY ensuring all the rules of the 'game' are followed.
  • He/she is responsible of supervising the performance of the team so as to ensure the safety requirements are adhered to. This is necessary in developing relevant insurance policies as per the institution in question.
  • Ensure the team members or participants perform or practice in a safe and healthy environment. The leader should have intervention measures in place in case an accident happens.
  • The leader should be knowledgeable of the legal requirements for the specific sport or activity being carried out. This way, the laws and the legislation for safety of the team are enhanced.
  • He/she ensures that children and their rights are protected in any activity they participate.
  • He/she should enhance equality among the participants. He/she should not be biased on the basis of race, gender, age, physical ability as well as economic background of the players.
  • The leader should ensure all the necessary rules and regulations for the specific activity are followed.
  • Ensures all the records of the team's performance are kept well and looking out for available competition for the team.
  • This leader promotes ethics and values among the participants/team.

​The two sport leaders I have interest in are Alex Ferguson and Phil Jackson. The two are top sport leaders whose performance has been felt by the world. There are several differences and similarities among the two when it comes to their leadership. The similarities are that, both Alex and Phil possessed great communication skills. Apparently both were able to effectively convey information through verbal and non-verbal communication to their teams. They were also good listeners who paid attention to their teams. They both motivated their teams by saying the right words to the players. Secondly, both leaders were self-confident. They both oozed positivity .Their self-confidence yielded in their team believing and trusting in their knowledge and skills. As a result these two got the relevant support from their seniors and juniors. The two can be said to have garnered a lot of followers due to their self confidence.

​Another similarity between Phil Jackson and Alex Ferguson is that both were honest and showed the highest form of integrity. Both showed no form of prejudice during their leadership in their respective fields. Similarly, both had emotional intelligence. Not only were they aware of their own emotions, but also were aware of emotions of other people around them. As such, both knew just how to be compassionate, empathetic and sympathetic towards their teams.

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