Unemployment in Saudi Arabia Essay

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In the United States of America, the minimum age for work is 14 years old but for those 14 years old teenagers, the workplace is very minimal, and very few companies hire them. I really can’t understand why it’s very limited. Teenage is the best time to learn at getting ready for your future goal. If they work they can learn about our society very closely and it’s good to learn as early age as possible. Time is changing and it’s getting fast and advanced, so to prepare our future generation we must let them face it.

For the brain to be developed teenagers should work part-time. It helps them to learn faster and it’s developed their mind to solve a problem faster and easier. When we give a problem to a teenager, they will find the easiest way to solve that problem. United States of America is a modern country and they are one of the richest countries in this glove but there is a big reason for this. They have a large amount of employees and employers. In the United States, the Unemployment rate is less than 4% and it’s a very big boost in the economy of a first-class country. Unemployment is a huge problem all over the world, and there is nothing different in the US but because of a large about of teenage employees, their economy has that balanced situation. Only very few countries are following this trend and most of all are first-class countries. In middle class and poor countries don’t have any opportunities for teenagers and I think US companies can use this weakness to their benefit by taking their company there and allowing them to work.

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The workplace is very limited for teenagers and mostly fast food stores. Almost all teenagers want to work and make money, but many companies are against it by not giving any job or responsibility to them. They think it could make their work slower and ineffective. There are many reasons why teenagers should get a good job. First of all, a boy or a girl who works, can financially help the parents and help themselves as well. Also, the experience the teenager will acquire from after-school jobs will help them in their future carrier. teenagers should have after-school jobs because it will keep them away from bad habits like drugs, smoking, stealing and a lot of other stuff. It’s very common at a young age. Teenagers always have that excitement to do new stuff without knowing its good and bad aspects. Parents should allow their children an after-school job as long as it does not affect their studies and daily life.

After getting a job, a teenager can save money for college, he can buy cars, phones, and laptops. He also can buy his books for stores etc. Teenagers feel self-confident by having a job. they can spend their own money for their own cost, without even hesitating.

Job for teenagers can change this world, so it’s time to give more focus in this field. The US government doesn’t care about young employees. A lot of companies also think that it’s a very bad idea to hire some young 14-year-old kids. For a strong economic backbone, they should work for themselves. Youth in Unemployment in Saudi Arabia Unemployment is a phenomenon that occurs in any country across the globe. It is considered a very essential topic because of its effects on the country. The unemployment rate is one of the most prominent issues discussed today by politicians, news commentators, and economists. Therefore, a higher unemployment rate among youth could affect the economy, politics, and other factors. Many countries across the globe spend a lot of time and effort trying to control the rate of unemployment and its growth within the economy.

The first one is frictional unemployment which is the result of imperfections in the labor market and is very common in all societies irrespective of their stage of development. The second one is technological unemployment, which is the result of the lack of the skill of the labor force and it is considered in the case of Saudi Arabia. Lastly, seasonal unemployment takes the form of temporary lay-offs experienced through the labor force because of the seasonal nature of their employment for instance, farmers are the main issue of this kind of unemployment. As well as the people who work fundamentally through the Haj pilgrimage season belong to the same type. According to IMF indicates that the unemployment rate among Saudi nationals has reached. The youth male and females are particularly affected by the country’s unemployment problem. The increasing unemployment rate in Saudi Arabia, specifically among youth, has made it important to understand the causes and impact of youth unemployment as well as investigate solutions.

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