Using Aspirin to Treat Coronary Heart Disease

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Coronary artery disease is one of the most normal but dangerous disease in the world. It spreads widely because the huge morbidity. Coronary artery disease is always happen in people who are smoking, drinking too many alcohol, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, overweight, high stress in their life, and, family history. For the family history, if your parent, grandpa, grandma or even your ancestors have coronary artery disease, you may also have coronary artery disease. Coronary artery disease will make people get chest pain, some of the slight patient may not have a big effect of their normal life, such as walking, climping, but if the aggravated condition, normal life will be effect because of it. Patient can not do any of physical activity even normal walking can make patient dangerous. The breath of patient will become shortness because the blood is clotting, heart will also attract because of it.

Aspirin is one of the medicine that can treating coronary artery disease, it can help to prevent coronary arteries obstruction, and also prevent obstruction of the coronary arteries. It can intervenes with individual's blood's clotting action. When human are bleeding, platelets, a kind of cells that clotting blood will build up at the place of wound. The platelets help to build a things that can stop bleeding like a plug. The plug can close the opening in the blood vessel to stop bleeding. Aspirin prevents blood flow to the heart and causes a heart attack. That why aspirin therapy can reduces the clotting of platelets and prevent the heart attack.

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Sometime, aspirin is not very suitable for the patient who have clotting or bleeding disorder or maybe they are already taking another blood thinner medicine. Some of the people will also be allergy to aspirin, also it may cause asthma. Because aspirin will reduces the clotting of platelets. Therefore, it is bleeding easily and difficult to stop the blood bleeding.

Although taking aspirin everyday can help prevent a clot-related stroke, it may increase the risk of a bleeding stroke. It will cause bleeding stomach ulcers and also having gastrointestinal bleeding. It will increases patient risk of developing a stomach ulcer. If patient have bleeding anywhere in the gastrointestinal tract, taking aspirin will cause it to bleed more, or even can threatening life. People that have already taking aspirin and need a surgical procedure, it will risk excessive bleeding during surgery. Remember to tell the doctor that you are taking aspirin everyday. Patient has already been taking aspirin for a long time, suddenly stop taking aspirin could have a rebound effect that may make a blood clot or also increase patient's risk of heart attack.

In conclusion, aspirin is indeed a very effective drug for the treatment of coronary artery disease. Compared with other treatments, aspirin is cheaper and has the same effect as other treatments for coronary artery disease, but it is very cheap. Aspirin is a kind of drug which is technically perfect and widely used in the world. It also represents that aspirin is a relatively safe drug. Although there are still some shortcomings, but the probability of occurrence as long as you pay attention to some will basically not happen, even if it will, the probability of occurrence is very small.

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