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V as a Freedom Fighter in the Film ‘V for Vendetta’

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The quote 'One man's freedom fighter is another man's terrorist' is often controversial when it comes to the film ‘V for Vendetta’. Terrorism is the illegitimate use of violence and intimidation, particularly against civilians, in the pursuit of political objectives. On the other hand, a freedom fighter is a person who is involved in a violent fight to attain a political objective, particularly to overthrow their government. The act of terrorism is frequently correlated with fighting for freedom, but in another man's eyes, it can be viewed as an attack. Throughout the film, V is considered a terrorist to the London government due to his multiple planned attacks. The film ‘V for Vendetta’ highlights the need for violence by proving the idea that one has to take action to fight for freedom.

V's incitements come from his frightening past, by which he was held hostage and abused by the people he wishes to fight. V was part of a government experiment focused on biological warfare that caused a virus outbreak. Many people died during these experiments, however, V somehow survived and was burned badly during a fire as the experiment went awry. This awful experience motivates his vendetta throughout the film. V's primary plan is to attack and demolish London's Houses of parliamentary through a series of violent attacks. In the beginning, most citizens are skeptical of V's motives. Once they learn why V is trying to make a change, V begins to receive the support that he longs for. The type of government in London is totalitarian, which strips the rights of its citizens. V also believes that the citizens have lost their freedom because of nightly curfews and spies that watch one's every move. V argues that the liberties and freedoms the government represents have turned out to be negligible words. V constantly mentions the date of November 5th throughout the film as a date symbolizing freedom. This is a date that was taken away from the citizens of this country and is a date he wants to bring back as importance once again. He accuses the poor condition of the country on the inertness of its residents. V is certain that he can solve this issue with brutality. V's motivation is to alert people in public and rally them to battle back against the administration's control. To spark his rampage, V blows up the Old Bailey in London. This draws the attention of the media, which leads them to think that it is a terrorist attack. In V's mind, though, it is considered a wakeup call to the country. V believes that the people deserve freedom and he wishes to give it to them. As he states throughout the film there are no coincidences, which is why this building was selected to be destroyed. It represents freedom taken away.

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Throughout the film, V mentions a variety of meaningful quotes. The most powerful quote: ‘Governments should be afraid of the people, not the other way around’. In other words, individuals should not live in dread of the government. If the government fears its citizens, they are doing something incorrectly. This supports V as a freedom fighter because it highlights the reason why people should be protesting against their government. The government is doing something wrong and V desires to change that. Another influential phrase made by V is that ‘ideas are bulletproof’. This expression implies that one's thoughts cannot be wrecked by others. Ideas are bulletproof because regardless of what others think, the creator will continue to accomplish their goal. Impenetrable thoughts exist among everybody. This also proves V as a freedom fighter because he developed an idea that cannot be decimated by others. Another inspirational quote given by V: 'Our masters have not heard the people's voice for generations and it is much, much louder than they care to remember'. V mentioned this statement to inform everyone that words will not be the cause of change. V claims that the only option left is violence. V feels that no one else is bold enough to make a difference in the way he can. This is the exact reason why he is a freedom fighter.

Evey plays an important role in this film as her character symbolizes the future of freedom. V could only channel his anger so much, for it was Evey that shows him that freedom is not just about anger and retribution but love as well. The government depriving its citizens of freedoms and everyday conveniences is illustrated by the following quote from Evey. As V prepares food for her, she exclaims: “I have not had real butter since I was a child”. Evey embodies many of V's traits, specifically an important character trait of the film, 'fear of everything' to 'fear of nothing'. V tricks Evey into thinking she is a prisoner of the government when in fact he holds her in his makeshift prison with the hope she would get rid of her fears. The excruciating experience Evey endures only makes her stronger and helps eliminate her ‘fear of everything’. Supported by the view of various characters that ‘there are no coincidences’, it was destined that V would meet the freedom torch bearer of the future and that person, Evey, would have V in her name.

By the end of the film, V’s wishes finally come true when the Chancellor is killed. Sadly, V also passes away shortly after that event. Ultimately, the inspector assigned to the case realizes he is on the same side of Evey and V. When he asks Evey who V was, she responds, “My father, my mother, my friend, he is you”, which sums up how the 'good people' were fighting for the same freedoms. In the end, good wins out over evil, and London ultimately achieves freedom when Evey sends the train carrying V and the bombs to collide into parliament. Even though V was not alive to see his dream come true, he is still a hero. The train symbolizes a new beginning and hope. V and his ideas can never truly perish as long as all mankind yearns for freedom.

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