Watching TV Comedy: Causes And Effects

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Watching television is fun. There’s no use in denying it. The entertainment industry makes billions of dollars by producing television programs that delight and entertain people. Whether it’s a funny comedy, an action-packed crime drama, a sporting event, or a musical reality show, television programs offer a little something for everyone. Most directors tend to produce comedy programs because they are the golden key to television entertainment. We can define the comedy TV show as a kind of beautiful diagnosis or representation, by embodying certain people in funny pictures and templates made from paradoxes and often theatrical performances or through channel or television and perhaps I seek the help of radio or cinema, and the play, for example, is of a light nature that is written for entertainment, in easy chapters based on the paradox Or it is a literary work whose fun presentation aims to make you feel happy or happy. Watching the comedy TV shows has two important causes and effects on our life by many sides.

The first cause is that watching comedy TV shows gives people many health benefits. When people watch funny programs, they will feel humorous and laugh. The process of laughter requires the use of the respiratory system and the breathing process, which increases the speed of blood flow throughout the body. This reflects positively on the overall health of the body and the health of the arteries and circulatory system as well. Some scientific studies have revealed that laughter helps reduce high blood pressure for limited times. This means that accompanying laughter with medication and a healthy lifestyle can help you to better control blood pressure levels. In addition, it enhances the health of the immune system. Several different scientific studies have found that laughter stimulates antibodies in the body to boost the health of the immune system. Increased levels of antibodies mean that your body is able to fight pathogens better and more efficiently as a good effect. The most important effect is that Endorphins bind to the same pain receptors in the brain, so this reduces the pain you feel or lethargy that people may hold.

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The second cause is that watching comedy TV shows Improves your lifestyles in a better way. After watching a comedy TV show and listening to the whole funny jokes from the broadcaster, your mood will change positively. As a result, you can have the ability to think clearly about all the problems that you may have in small day and do some practical and powerful solutions easily. Also, because of your good and happy mood you can get a very relaxing and peaceful sleep at the end of the day. In addition, laughter creates a state of positive mind and appetite for life, which reduces the chances of feeling frustrated and depressed. If you are stressed or depressed, laughter that made by watching the comedy shows is the best approach.

In conclusion, watching some comedy TV shows with family of friends has many essential and natural causes that leads to golden and perfect effects flexibly. And if all of people consider these normal causes and powerful effects respectively, they will see their life becomes better. On the other side, it will control their behavior and the related mood to complete their lifestyle smartly. Also, it could increase the strengthen of their body by some magical and biological tachniques as shown in the first cause. Last thing I want to say is that I recommend all people to watch comedy TV shows weekly for all the reasons shown above.

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