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What Impact Did The Enlightenment Have on Europe: Critical Essay

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A revolution in thought took place in the middle of the 18th century. Influenced by scientific developments of the last century, the theorists of the Enlightenment believed in throwing light on the world from science and reason so as to challenge existing ideas and practices.

The 20th century was a time of great change, and uncertainty was confronted by fronts of biblical criticism and evolution in Europe as the dominance of Christianity in Europe. When people inquire about Christianity's decline among nations or a community of people, one question usually arises 'How does this happen? The first explanation is that the Churches can devalue the position of the Bible that contributes to an immoral church that is not gospel-related to the surrounding region. 'What is reality, understanding? 'The Word of God, which lays the basis for understanding justice, values, ethics, and faith, is of great importance to understand reality.

Doctor Harold J. Berman, Harvard University Professor of Law, wrote The relationship between law and Religion to speak about the huge lack of faith in Western society in law and religion. This lack of faith in religion and law has caused a double loss of trust and a radical separation. Berman believes that without religion you can't have workable laws for conduct, since religion itself is the sole basis for morality and law. He fears the lack of an absolute means that Western culture is doomed to relativism in law.

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In the absence of a religious tradition, why should universal values be laid the foundations for social organizations? Cultures that rupture with the idea of an authoritative religion and even the definition of God rupture with the chance of absolute reality. All that remains is universal relativism, a shaky and continuously shifting basis upon which no definitive rule of law or morality can be founded.

The logic of the Enlightenment and romantic idealism parented in a critique that aimed at undermining the supernatural essence of the Bible. Such a view tried to turn the bible into a prophecy that documents the word in human consciousness the subjective nature of faith. The critical views on liberalism are related to higher or historical and literary criticism and the thorough analysis of the historical context of each Bible book. The analysis of the text of the Bible in an effort to decide if the text we have was from the hands of the author. Inferior criticism contributed to a high degree of precision in the text of the Bible. This has allowed Christians to know that we have the writings of the original Bible writers. Thus, the most extreme critique can not challenge any doctrine or ethical teaching of the Scripture. The confidence of many people in the Bible's divine revelation was undermined by extreme, strong criticism, rather than lower constructive criticism.

The Enlightenment was a movement in Europe that stressed thought and reason. The legacies can still be seen today. Slavery is abolished, people have rights to freedom and natural rights, governments use separation of powers, and women have equality.

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