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Before taking this class, my idea of each individual and society was that all individuals, like gears, are connected to improve a society that functions like a machine. People, in other aspects, create society. The skill to identify personal struggles with bigger societal concerns is known as sociological imagination. To have a social imagination, one must be prepared to step back and look at a situation from a different angle. This skill is essential for the formation of a social viewpoint on the world. The Father of 'sociological imagination' is C. Wright Mills

So what?

Sociological imagination is a term that may be applied to any behavior. The sociological imagination provides a reflecting outlook on what is going on in society and explains an individual's relation to that society. It offers value to the study of social life by allowing for the critique of commonly held beliefs and the asking of questions that allow these beliefs to be viewed in a fresh light. The use of sociological imagination may be found in the study of everyday life and helps people comprehend their role in society.

The sociological imagination is marked by a reflective process between personal problems and societal issues. The study of the formation of social structure is improved by demonstrating how people are put in society and how that society impacts the person at the same time. Personal problems become public concerns, requiring attention not just from political and economic bodies, but also from citizens. This concept is a two-way process, which means that one cannot exist without another. The ability to avoid disinterest is one of the benefits of using a social imagination.

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C. Wright Mills was also opposed to sociologists' habit of watching rather than acting. He thought sociology was a powerful weapon for influencing the world, and that using the sociological imagination motivated individuals of all types, including sociologists, to uncover and deal with social injustice.

Sociological imagination is a major part of our daily lives. I was able to examine how much it shaped my personality. Not only in terms of how I interact but also in terms of how others interact with me.

Now what?

Critical analysis of problems is necessary to ensure that all aspects of society are noticed and given equal attention, affecting the development of our communities. Without the ability to look beyond the limitations of an individual's lifestyle, society would struggle to notice other causes of social development and, as a result, move forward. Consequently, the importance and usefulness of using a sociological imagination in the study of ordinary life are shown.


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