What Is the Purpose of Government: Argumentative Essay

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The 22nd and 24th president of us of America Cleveland said, 'Officeholders are the agents of the people, not their masters.' albeit this former president passed away over 100 years ago, this quote seems to suit the present political situation sort of a glove. Several countries around the world are browsing crises and, as we will observe in real-time, it's in moments of crisis that the govt tends to become more authoritative.

When a nation's morale is plummeting, people's fear of losing whatever they need overcomes their ability to gauge calmly. That is unfortunate, although understandable. When threatened, we tend to reply in an instinctive manner, desperately trying to guard ourselves, our families, our possessions, and our safety. However, the aftermath of desperate decisions can lead - and sometimes does - to unpredicted consequences. In aspects concerning the govt, meaning our lives are going to be affected in ways we didn't want so as to take care of the established order that we've grown accustomed to.

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These authoritative figures are usually elected by a distressed population after abusing a speech that claims they'll work for everyone's best interest. When in power - and lots of believing power shows the true colors of an individual -, they start to seek out enemies responsible and attack. The common enemy may be a strategy as old as time: having a standard enemy is what caused people to figure together and build the society we now have. Fighting forces of nature, land invaders, building, and planting, all of these challenges were easier if we were in larger numbers. Living together, as an enormous community, was a matter of survival. Nowadays, since those challenges won't convincing enough, authoritative figures will choose between countries with different economic policies for minorities in their own nations to crucify.

However, as we evolve, it becomes easier to ascertain past the claims they create through to what's really happening. In authoritative governments, those in power wish not only to remain there but also to amplify their own freedom to try to do as they see fit, albeit that means harming someone else's liberty. That is not the purpose of the government. When people elect a representative, they are making a statement that says, 'We trust you as a human being and a leader. We believe you will work to keep us happy and free, healthy and educated.' When officeholders no longer work for the good of all the people, but for their own interests, that statement is tread upon.

President Grover Cleveland's words bring an easy sentence that carries an important truth. A government's purpose is to serve the people. Officeholders are actually given tons of power, but one that ought to be used moderately, and reasonably. When close to exerting such power, they ought to recall who gave it to them in the first place and remember that those are true masters.

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