Who Is Calpurnia in 'Julius Caesar': Character Analysis Essay

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Calpurnia Caesar casts a small but vital role in Julius Caesar. Calpurnia is cast as the humble and obedient wife of Julius Caesar. She is a very caring, humble, and deferential human who cares greatly for her husband. She is protective and wants to make sure that her husband and everyone are well. Calpurnia fears 'O Caesar these things are beyond all use and I do fear them' but Caesar's moral feelings lead him to choose to not listen to his wife and to be concerned with only himself. She is often overlooked and underestimated by the closest people. The interpretation of her dream is turned aside and Caesar accepts Decius's interpretation instead to emphasize the significance of the public and the political view over the private and the domestic. Caesar says to his wife, 'How foolish do your fears seem now, Calpurnia.' Her fears were illusory and dreamy as she interpreted them correctly but it all seems surreal that such a scene could be created. Calpurnia's role in this story is as important as a fluent character as she reveals more of the personalities of her husband than about herself.

'Caesar, I never stood on ceremonies, Yet now they fright me. There is one within, besides the things that we have heard and seen.' (Act 2, Scene 2, Lines 13-16) Caesar limits the information that he tells his wife and this concludes with Calpurnia having limited knowledge of the system. She doesn't understand that well but she does understand well enough that she can see it happen. Calpurnia says 'O Caesar, these things are beyond all use, And I do fear them!' Even though she may not have a say in what happens, she does have a say in what she thinks of the situation.

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We all value different things wither that be a person, object, place, or anything. If Calpurnia were to answer this question she would most likely respond with her husband Julius Caesar. She truly loves and cared for him and he cares for her in response. Calpurnia comes to Caesar and tells him that she had suspected that horrible things were going to happen to him. If Calpurnia were simply just one of Caesar's possessions, he wouldn't have paid her dreams any attention. Ceaser does value her and her opinion as to go as far as to state that he will tell Mark to deliver a message that he is not well and he will stay home for her.

Calpurnia is simply a loving, caring, and humble wife. She is more caring than anyone in the book and is just looking out for the best of Caesar. Even if she is sometimes overestimated and overlooked, she still makes sure that her points and opinions are clear and understood.

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