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Why Is It Important to Laugh: Argumentative Essay

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This quality contributes to effective care as it increases the individual's participation if you are understanding they would feel more comfortable to make have their voices heard. It provides reassurance to service users as they are trying to put themselves in that position and say and act according to that. This will reassure the service user as you are not trying to make them feel or think differently but instead helping them or talking to them about it, so they feel as if they are not alone. This quality contributes to effective care as it makes the service user feel included and feel respected as they are being understood and cared for.

Sense of humor is the ability to appreciate and joke with someone. Having a good sense of humor makes you seem like an approachable and nice person. If a care practitioner has a good sense of humor it allows them to get to know service users, this is because you can find out what kind of things they like to joke about and which they do not. A sense of humor is a significant quality to have because it develops self-esteem, confidence, and resilience. In doing this, it is an easy way to build positive relationships with service users. This is because if you are someone that can brighten someone's day it makes you seem trustworthy and a generous person which can make service users want to communicate and be around you. Being able to make someone laugh is an important quality because it shows that you can make them feel less stressed and anxious.

This quality contributes to effective care as it would make the service user feel valued and facilitate enjoyment. This is because if the care practitioner is going out of their way to make you laugh it shows that care about your mental well-being as well. Having a sense of humor reduces anxiety and stress as you can forget about everything and just laugh and be happy even if it is for a short amount of time. Making an individual laugh could help them have an escape from all their problems and just feel free and valued. For example, if a primary school student was worried and stressing about the SATs the care practitioner could make them laugh so that they ease and start to worry less, by making the student laugh the care practitioner is allowing them to calm down and enjoy moments instead of stressing all the time.

For example, in a primary school (early years setting), if a child who had just transferred to this school was anxious about their first day, the care practitioner should try and make them laugh so that they don't need to feel afraid. By doing this the care practitioner is reducing anxiety and stress and making the student feel valued as the care practitioner is thinking about their feelings. By the care practitioner talking to the student and making them laugh can make them feel comfortable and relaxed in their environment, which can help build the relationship.

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However, if the care practitioner does not have any sense of humor they would seem unapproachable and they won't get to build that relationship with the service users. Building a relationship with service users is one of the most significant things because if you don't have that connection communicating may seem harder and trying to help the service user can be more challenging as you don't know what they like and what they would want. If the care practitioner didn't have a sense of humor the student would've remained anxious and stressed and wouldn't have been able to talk to anyone as they are too nervous too. If the care practitioner didn't try to make the student laugh it could make them feel unvalued and unimportant as the care practitioner wasn't willing to try to lift the student's mood and get them to be less nervous.

The last quality that a care practitioner should have is cheerfulness. Cheerfulness is the ability to be noticeably happy, friendly, and optimistic. Cheerfulness is an important quality to have because it creates a warm, welcoming atmosphere this is because when someone is happy it radiates throughout the room or whatever environment you are in. It is also important because it helps to make individuals feel less anxious, this is because seeing a happy face helps to reduce stress as you are seeing someone be happy and not worry. Having someone share their cheerfulness can help decrease the stress of others as they are seeing or hearing what had made them so happy and it makes the individual listening also feel some things. For example, if there was a child who was all by themself trying to read a book and being sad seeing someone who is happy and cheerful helps bring a smile to the face too. Another example is if someone was just proposed to and they were cheerful about that and told someone it could make the other individual smile as they are so happy. Cheerfulness is an important quality to have because they create feelings of mutual trust and provide enjoyment. It is also important because it's giving distractions.

For example, in a hospital (healthcare setting), if a patient was worried about their surgery the care practitioner should ensure that they are cheerful and spread that so the patient can feel less worried about their surgery. The care practitioner should be cheerful so that they develop positive relationships, with mutual respect. It builds relationships as you are trying to make them feel better and therefore end up building positive relationships. The care practitioner should make sure to say a joke or do something so they smile, this will make the patient feel valued and important as you are trying to feel happier and more joyful.

However, if the care practitioner does not have quality cheerfulness it can be hard to communicate with this care practitioner. This is because the patient wouldn't want to talk to someone who is not cheerful. This can make the patient feel unvalued and uncomfortable as the care practitioner is not trying to calm them down or make them feel less worried.

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