Why Should Weed be Legal?

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Recreational marijuana should be legalized in all states to benefit people’s health and strengthen the U.S. economy. The use of Medical marijuana has grown dramatically over past years and it has become fond of by many Americans.. It has become a main drug option for those with anxiety, depression and even Parkinson’s disease, for it is more accessible and affordable than over the counter medicines. Though not enough research has been done, it has been documented that those who have used medical marijuana for their issues have seen positive results. The legalization of pot across the U.S. could help millions of people who suffer from chronic illness.

The legalization of marijuana across the states can really give a boost to our economy. Legally selling marijuana in dispensaries, instead of illegally, can create a huge tax on marijuana. The tax received from the legal sale of medicinal marijuana could be used by the government to create social programs, health care, and even benefit our educational system. Furthermore, production and sales of weed by the government, rather than by criminals, will help save lives, create jobs and generate money; and can be used for social programs, education and healthcare.

The legalization of medical marijuana could help treat so many kinds of illnesses.Using marijuana can help treat military veterans with PTSD,depression, muscle spasms,Glaucoma neurological disorders, chemotherapy and those with anxiety.

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Marijuana is the most commonly abused illegal drug in the United States of America. Similar to the legalization of gambling, the use of marijuana if legalized would increase.When alcohol prohibition ended in 1933, bootlegged alcohol disappeared. Those who favor drug legalization are confident that the same will occur in the market for drugs; they argue that legalizing drugs will eliminate the illegal market with all its negative characteristics including violence and corruption.Australian study of identical twins who smoke are three times more likely to attempt suicide then the other Twin.During 2013 a study of Colorado teens in a drug treatment 74% smoked weed. Teens in Colorado which is a state legal to smoke weed or 50% more likely to smoke weed than the rest of the country. During a recent study 22.7% of 12 graders smoke weed at least once a month and at least 6.5% smoke weed every day. If marijuana became legal it would lead to more people to begin smoking marijuana and could potentially lead to people trying more dangerous drugs.

If weed was legalized it would really help keep kids off the streets and away from drugs that can potentially be more harmful. Marijuana in many cases could be sold from dealers who also sell hard drugs. Therefore, if marijuana was legal and sold in proper dispensaries, it would help keep kids stay away from other drugs and narcotics that dealers have to offer. Also, it could prevent kids from getting into the drug dealing business. Marijuana being legal would make it real hard to sell illegally or to underage teens.If you could get it at a legal dispensary and maybe even for cheaper why would you want to buy from a dealer.. If the policy was changed and it could be sold in stores it would stop peope from selling all together. Being a dealer would be way less effective and it could stop many drug dealers and clean up the streets.Either way,marijuana is going to be sold whether from a dealer or a dispensary.If you could do it the right way,you could make money,help people with illness access their medicine better and save lives why wouldn’t you .On the other hand,Marijuana being legal and sold in stores can lead drug dealers to try to push out other kinds of drugs,which could be more addictive,harmful and even have potentially fatal results.

Cannabis is one of the least harmful drugs,that is deemed illegal. Many hard drugs such as heroin,cocaine,and painkillers can become very addictive,lead to further drug use, and eventually lead to death.Marijuana should not be in the same category of these very dangerous narcotics. It should be listed with alcohol tobacco;legal drugs. It has been documented that marijuana is less harmful than these other substances.Alcohol can cause over aggressive behavior and if abused can lead to liver failure.Alcohol-related death in the U.S. takes nearly 88,000 lives annually.The use of tobacco when abused can lead to lung disease,heart disease,cancer and even more deadly illnesses. Within the U.S.,tobacco is responsible for approximately 480,000 deaths a year.That's equivalent to 1,300 tobacco related deaths a day.Studies have proven that people who smoke tobacco die 10 years earlier than non smokers.Now compare those numbers to the deaths of weed smokers.Almost no deaths have been recorded from the use of cannabis. Recently,in 2014,the first marijuana related deaths were documented. 2 cases were filed.One of them involved a 23 year old male,in which autopsy showed he had a seriously undetected heart problem and died from cardiovascular complications.That dating that those with respiratory problems should be careful when using the drug.The other person,a 28 year old male,was shown to have died from mixing marijuana with other harmful drugs and alcohol,he was a know alcoholic and drug addict.These two cases however do not show any evidence of overdosage or life-threatening behaviors which can be traced directly to the use of cannabis.In other cases,there have been an uprise of weed related deaths including thc vape and oils.An outbreak of illness and death has shown up.

After the legalization in some states of marijuana,the use of thc vaping has increased.Numerous deaths and illnesses have come up surrounding the use.After legalization,people on the street have took it upon themselves to create thc cartridges to sell and make profit from it.People who sell cartridges on the street are not certified to be mixing and creating these substances and this is what has lead to multiple poisonings and deaths.Counterfeit THC vaping cartridges should not be bought on the street but in trusted and certified dispensaries. The devastating(find new word) effects of drunk driving have been shown everywhere. Driving high,is now starting to catch up, recent studies have shown. In 2010,marijuana contributed to 12 percent of all car accidents.A report by the American Automobile Association (AAA) found that the percentage of drivers who were high on pot when involved in fatal accidents in Washington state more than doubled between 2013 and 2014, with 85 deaths involving THC in 2014.

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