Analysing Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure Anime

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Jojo’s bizarre adventure (JBA) is a fighting Japanese anime that was adapted from the manga(comic). The comments of the anime are two extremes. Some people love this anime , but some people can't accept its unique style of painting, so why is this anime so popular? This report analyses and comments on the anime in an objective way.

Painting style

The painting style of JBA is unique, people can find out the anime is JBA with only the painting style, this is also one of the main features of JBA, but on other hand, some people find out that it is really hard to accept the painting style because the painting style of JBA is very rough, it contains strong contrast, thick lines, 3D onomatopoeia(sound effect) and the “JoJo Pose”(An action that is basically impossible for humans, this is used to reflect the tension of anime), which is not completely correct, . Objectively, the painting style is very hard to accept, but if the people keep watching, they will get used to the painting style which is called “Social Psychology”in science. If people still cannot accept it, people can start watching the anime from season four or five because the painting style of JBA is neater and less buff, so basically the painting style of JBA is not a defect, it is more likely to be a sign of this anime

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Costume design

The costume design of JBA reflect the style and the disposition of each character, some of the consumes even made headlines on the fashion magazines and were able to sell in Gucci(luxury brand), It is no exaggeration to say that the designs have reached the trend of fashion, and it is a representative of avant garde(futurious and advanced stage). ( All of this is beneficial because the narrator Hirohiko Araki graduated from Sendai Design Training School.) He has made sufficient progress in his painting skills, and it is also a starting point of his “comic road”.


JBA’s plot is one of the main reasons why JBA is so popular. All the plot of JBA is surrounded by the “golden spirit”, which means that people will never give up, will never fall back in the face of fate. In the first season, after knowing that DIO( villain in the anime)has become an omnipotent vampire, the first Jojo Jonathan still fights against DIO without hesitation, even if in the end he sacrificed himself and DIO was buried under the sea, this is the best manifestation of the golden spirit. Other than that, JBA also got unexpected smart wars and image characterization. It's not hard to see the author's intentions in this manga. For JBA plot, people are consistent praise.


In general, JBA is really a connotative and good quality anime based on the quality plot and brilliant costumes, the manga contains the praise to humanity and sublime spirit of golden, plus the unique type of painting and exciting plot made it a masterpiece.

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