Anime Influence and Comparison to Cartoons

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Animations have been around us since our childhood. Cartoons are the major source of entertainment among kids. Anime refers to the animations of Japanese creators adapted directly from primary source material comic books known as manga. Anime has a huge impact on the current society in many different aspects. In this project we will explore how people communicate through the mode of anime. Japanese anime has been widely accepted all around the world during the past decade. It cuts through communication and cultural barriers creating unity. Many people around the world have gained knowledge about Japanese communication, ideas, knowledge and beliefs, laws, folkways and rituals and even artistic history.


Japanese animation or simply Anime is a form of animation adapted in the form of a TV show from original source material like manga, video games and light novels. The first anime series was titled “Astro Boy ” which roughly translates to ‘Fairy Cartoon Calendar’ which aired on January 1, 1963. In the recent years’ anime has gained a rather high attention as it is being accepted by people from all cultures. Over the past decade anime has gained a lot more support than ever and its still growing. Many people are able to learn broken Japanese just by watching anime with subtitles, sometimes to the extent that they are able to understand the whole episode without needing subtitles. A normal 13-episode seasonal anime costs around 250 million yen which roughly converts to $2 million. Due to advancement in technology the equipment used for anime production also improves which helps in creating an anime better than its predecessor. In its Annual Industry Survey 2016, the Association of Japanese Animations (AJA) the revenue from anime and anime related markets totaled ¥2,000,900,000,000.

Anime communicates with people in a way cartoons never can. Even fictional anime show characters who have faced difficult conditions and how they never gave up to become the top in what they do. Compared to cartoons anime don’t always have a happy end. They show us that along the way of success we need to make sacrifices and need to face despair. There are times we will completely lose hope but, in that moment, we must never give up and keep striving towards our goal. There are many anime in the genre known as “slice of life” which deals with day to day lives of people and makes the scenarios relatable to the audience.

Anime also includes communication through hand signs, face expressions, body language, colors etc. Some of the anime that communicate with more than just words are: Irozuku sekai no ashita kara, Koe no Katachi, Kimi no nawa and Kimetsu no Yaiba.

Review of Literature

Most of the information contained in this paper is from secondary sources, mainly websites. Opinions of the masses have been analysed through public group chat platforms like Quora, Discord, Anime-Planet etc. No actual books other than Japanese comics (manga) have been used as source material.

From the Dragon Ball Seriesby Akira Toriyama this report contains data on telepathic conversation between characters. The most popular gestures from this series are the Kamehameha and Instant Transmission which are widely popular around the world.

From Naruto, series by MashashiKishimotothe hand signs depict most of the conversation. This anime expresses many emotions through its music and sometimes leaves the audience in tears showing the truth of life. The speech by Pain on hatred and his story in the Volume 47 Chapter 436: ‘Peace’ still does not fail to move the audience hearing the villain part of the story.

The input is mainly from communication-based manga. From the manga Koe no Katachiby YoshitokiŌimathe focus is on Volume 2 Chapter 6 which is about the male protagonist talking to the deaf main heroine using sign language apologizing for bullying her in her childhood days. The use of hand signs makes the scene emotional and heartwarming.

Kimetsu no Yaiba, manga by KoyoharuGotōgefocuses on non verbal communication as Nezuko the protagonist’s little sister gets turned into a speechless demon with a bamboo muzzle. The starting chapters of the manga are mostly referred for the source material.

Scope and Objectives

This research is aimed to create awareness about anime to the community. It will help people to gain new knowledge about the otaku culture and in a way the history of Japan. This study also focuses on how anime developed from zero to being one of the most popular representation of Japanese culture. This research is also a study of emotions that influence the people through the mode of anime and manga.

Learning Japanese lifestyle through Anime

What is an Anime ?

A term accustomed to describe the fashion in the Japanese animation industry and has been around since the twenty-first century. Now, anime and its magazine counterpart, manga, are vastly made in the islands of Japan associate degreed on the far side with an industrial price of over fifteen billion U.S. bucks. Anime doesn't solely embody TV series for youngsters, however additionally to TV shows and even movies catering the middle aged people. A number of samples of hit animation movies embody Ghibli Studio’s famous ‘Spirited Away’ (2001) or the recent well-liked ‘Your Name’.

Anime designs differ with artists, however characters can sometimes be recognized from their massive eyes, typically hair style, color, and tiny noses and mouths. Japanese folks varying in age and life styles have at some point watched anime at some purpose and now it has integrated to their fashionable culture. Anime TV series are sometimes full of attention-grabbing characters along-side a fascinating story which will make the viewer to laugh or cry.

It covers a large array of genres, such as romance, drama, science-fiction, and horror. Odd genres of cyberpunk and mecha(robots) are also in popular demand. In countries of the west, associate degree is seen not solely as a Japanese series of animation however it's additionally an art vogue that is used by the Japanese additionally.

Anime Vs Cartoon

At large there is actually no big difference between cartoons and anime. They are in a way two sides of the same coin. Both anime and cartoons are hand drawn pictures or comics which are later given life through the means of animation (Graphic Designing). Yet anime and cartoons actually vary in internal themes. The visual representation (facial expressions/gestures), concept (cartoons are likely to be light hearted and happy ending shows whereas anime are more likely to not follow the general concepts.), subject (cartoons are created to create laughter and humor whereas anime may follow a darker path focusing on the actual life issues sometimes in violet or sexual context.)

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Anime as a reflection of Japanese Lifestyle

Watching anime gives the viewers an insight of the daily lives of Japanese people. The information on how they eat to greetings and etiquettes, everything is covered though the means of anime. For example, the anime like Hyouka and Toradora (mystery and rom-com anime respectively) highlight the lives of high school students and how most of the schools in Japan manage the schools through the disciplinary committees and student council. These anime also highlight the procedures and practices involved in organizing the school festival. People in Japan are involved doing the same activities as shown in the anime through different festivals. Another example can be taken as the celebrations for New Year and Christmas Eve. Anime shows the different activities done be people on these holidays. On a new year eve, the people visit the nearby shrine at sunrise and make any wish to the God of the concerned shrine throwing in 5 yen in the donation box. They also draw their fortune and offer the Kagura dance to Kami-Sama.

Food in anime is always shown as top tier. Most of the times the local cuisines of Japan are shown in anime. There is always an episode in each anime which features the protagonists eating Onigirior Bento/Obento. The anime Shokugeki no Soma is an anime based on a teenagers pursuing to be the greatest chef of all time hence succeeding his father in the family restaurant. This anime features a lot of Japanese food and even shares the recipes with the viewers. Curry rice and Ramen are the most common food to appear in anime.

Attitudes and personalities of the people living in Japan can also be inferenced through the means of anime. Since all the manga is written within Japan, all the content is likely to be influenced by the nature of the people surrounding the author. Anime characters are hospitable and affectionate. Most of them are helpful and inspiring to the other characters. An example of such a character is All Might from Boku no Hero Academiawho is also nicknamed as the “Pillar of Peace” as stands on the top of all heroes saving people from all kinds of dire situations with a smile. We can see the bright and cheerful side of the personalities of the Japanese through anime characters.

Impact of Anime

Anime’s Influence on the World

Japan could be a country that's accepted and favored well for the several facets of distinctive plus attention-grabbing culture. This embraces the bloody and long history otherwise the time-honored traditions that have withstood the time. Take a look at the geishas, varied ancient festivals, and the ceremony. It can also apply to numerous forms of behavior that are thought of distinctive or uncommon by individuals from different components of the planet, like loud noodle gulping, shoving into overflowing trains, or gifting kids cash for New Year’s.

Several things of Japan simply cannot be noticed in different nations, creating an Associate in Nursing thrilling place to go to wherever one will build some persistent reminiscences.

Countless cultures of fame have unfold worldwide, that piques foreigners’ curiosity which inspires them to go to and experience it for themselves. Japan has additionally created loads of offerings to the globe over the years with improvements like video games, fashion, and cars.

Anime has developed to one of the simplest resources these days to inform stories in an animated kind of way, with free will of expression for any genre and for any audience, that contrary to antique cartoons that square measure typically aimed toward youngsters. Anime amplified success in alternative countries from series like, Slam Dunk airy, Sailor Moon, Astro Boy, and Dragonball. As a square measure numerous folks United Nations agency began to be captivated by Japan once looking at animes. Occasionally, they're also galvanized to discover anime. As an end result, the JLPT was created.

Initial Nineteen Nineties served to be far-famed “anime boom”. Thanks to this, culture of anime evolved more once anime parties started happening. Anime parties serve as a square measure of giant congregations which will present itself over amount of days, so as for anime and manga enthusiasts to indicate their desire and allegiance. These have even incorporated trade speak panels wherever vocal sound actors and anime making employees will come together at events to speak concerning their anime plus fans will get an opportunity to be satisfied. Fans also congregate to shop for anime products and check out the cosplay. The word springs from “costume play” and once fans dress in their favorite characters costume and mimic that personality. Costume play isn't limited to anime, however it’s additionally passed over to the western characters from Hollywood movies, cartoon series, comics, and also video games.

Additional side of anime is the art styling. The fashion that originates from the anime is exclusive, charismas typically depicting distinctive hairstyles and massive eyes. Western countries have additionally come up with series victimization that individual vogue. Series that has tailored this art stylishness is that the Avatar: The Last Airbender, that has gained international acclaim. A follow-up series was additionally created titled as ‘The Legend of Korra’.

One of the lot of fashionable samples of a western anime shows is RWBY. Prominent as ‘RUBY’ is a show made by the Cock Teeth Company. It was created by Monty Oum which conveys the story of 4 women joining a facility to become huntresses that fights against the evil creatures acknowledged in their world. RUBY has gained an outsized fan base in Japan. Japan is determined in acquiring it and as a Japanese dub. Also harness it for Blu-Ray and optical disk. This marks the first American anime to be marketed in Japan.

However, has anime really influenced the world? The multi-billion-dollar industry has definitely impacted on trendy cartoons. It has caused individuals allover the globe to come to a decision to try Japanese anime, resulting in the formation of JLPT. It can also be said that this business was nice for promoting touristy to Japan. We tend to also see influencing heaps of popular culture these days.

Anime’s influence on Japan

Culture of Japan will be realized in several anime shows. Great faculties area unit almost like that in reality plus characters eating with chopsticks and keep ancient in ryokan inns. Fashionable anime personalities can be visibly witnessed everywhere on t-shirts, accessories and toys. Some restaurants, like The Ichibanya, have also created their own terrible characters in anime style for the purpose of children’s meals marketing.

Anime conjointly galvanized the conception of Japan’s 1st vocal singer, HatsuneMiku, World Health Organization could be a cartoon sixteen-year-old woman World Health Organization makes popular music genre. In spite of not being a true person, character encompasses an immense cult following and people also attend the live concert! Additionally, several firms use cute anime characters as mascots to draw in teenagers. More often than not, fashionable video games galvanize the creation of by-product anime. A decent example for this might be the Pokémon anime series, aired from the Nineteen Nineties and boasts loads of games. Like this anime has influenced Japan as a whole.

Live Action Movies

Coming to topic of remake, let us pay attention on ‘Ghost within the Shell’ starring Scarlett Johansson. Whereas Western culture centers on ‘white washing’ of Scarlett Johansson’s character, one thing arguably the Japanese culture itself being removed an additional vital. The film’s director, Rupert Prince Sanders, also expressed that the anime was “too philosophical and too contemplative” and determined to show this challenging film as a noteable action flick; as the American movie industry has already finished such a lot of its own source of ideas. Films like Blade Runner explored these themes in Associate in Nursing introverted and philosophical manner, and impressed animes such as ‘Ghost within the Shell’. However trendy Remake films can dumb our own creations, for the worry that they may not cater to the widest market. Anime is fearless to be philosophical and to not reach each person. Of course, with the irony being that in attempting to entertain everyone, you do not find yourself impressing nobody.

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