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Analysis of Advertisement Strategy of PepsiCo Products

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1. Intended message:

As a worthy competitor of the Coca-cola company, the advertisement aims to announce that the Pepsi beverage has been consumed over many generations, is continued to be drunk by everyone nowadays and will remain popular in the years to come, so everyone should join the bandwagon and drink Pepsi.

2. Target audience:

Being an American advertisement, PepsiCo appeals to their audience of soft drink consumers and Americans. The tone of the ad is cheerful and motivating and is sometimes even humorous.

3. Underlying values:

The underlying values of the advertisement is that every Pepsi consumer, including the actors of the ad are all united by and all benefit from the Pepsi beverage, and that the drink is for everyone.

Techniques 1: Non diegetic music

The commercial begins with the active, mainly instrumental song Boogie Feet sung by Kesha, and the narrator’s friendly voice which is played throughout the whole commercial. The music is applied with the intent of motivating the audience to buy the beverage, as well as to position the audience to feel excited for the which type of Pepsi drink which will be displayed or released next.

Technique 2: Exaggeration

The camera then displays an astronaut running on the moon holding a Pepsi drink, whilst the narrator of the ad quotes “this is the first Pepsi on the moon” when according to history, the Pepsi drink never went on the moon. This is soon humorously corrected by respectable and formal looking Americans in an office who respond “no” to the narrator’s claim while holding onto what might be documents relating to the moon. The producer exaggerates Pepsi’s popularity so much that it was even brought to the moon, to emphasize that the soft drink is being drunk everywhere, positioning viewers to jump on the bandwagon of the Pepsi fans.

Technique 3: Associations/Referencing

The camera then shifts to present the “the Pepsi for this model” which is Presley Gerber, suggesting that drinking the Pepsi the model is holding which appears to be “Pepsi Zero Sugar”, will change you to become like the model Presley Gerber is. Then shifting to Presley’s mum Cindy Crawford who was the actor for the famous 1992 Pepsi ad who is depicted drinking the regular Pepsi drink. The narrator reveals “Hi Cindy” appealing to the memories of those who remember the 1992 ad, evoking a sense of happiness in remembering past memories, and exciting the audience for the surprises such as celebrities that will come next.

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The camera zooms in on Cindy Crawford enjoyably gulping her Pepsi drink. The producers frame her as the salience whilst claiming that Pepsi is such a delicious drink that it lives up to the standards of the famous American model Cindy Crawford who is presented to be enjoying the beverage, which adds credibility to the soft drink. The audience is encouraged to believe that the beverage is tasty enough to satisfy the standards of a celebrity, and would therefore be enough to satisfy the taste of middle and higher classed American citizens as well as soft drink consumers.

Exaggeration and Endorsement

The next scene depicts the famous past singer “Ray” Charles holding “Diet Pepsi” while singing on a television screen. In which the next scene to follow is current basketball star Kyrie Irving depicted as an elderly man AKA UNCLE DREW who is seen to be “still breaking ankles”. PepsiCo hints that drinking Diet Pepsi will keep you fit even as someone elderly, as for the basketball players, they’d still be able to break ankles as someone old, just like Kyrie Irving. The audience is lured into buying Diet Pepsi, believing it is a healthier alternative than other soft drinks.

According to basketball is ranked the 2nd most popular sport in America, PepsiCo agrees that their audience of Americans recognizes Kyrie Irving and that some of them have an interest for basketball. Knowing that their target audience of American remembers the iconic blind singer Ray Charles, and successful NBA player Kyrie Irving, the viewers are able to relate to the company and understand easily the message being delivered.


The next scene the narrator announces that “this Pepsi is the one Britney once popped, and this is the Pepsi for the king of pop”. Whilst featuring the famous singer Britney Spears, and the “king of pop” all time great Michael Jackson. The rhyme is utilized as a catchy phase which will be easy for the audience to remember, and position the audience to believe the message more as the rhyming part acts as a distraction.


Throughout the whole commercial, the phrase “This is the Pepsi for...” to reinforce the meaning that there are many types of Pepsi beverages for every type of person and serves for nearly every purpose. The end of their minute long repetition ends with the phrase, “This is the Pepsi for every generation”, again reinforcing the idea that Pepsi has been drunk by generations and will be continued to be consumed for the generations to come. By doing this, the message of the ad is forced into the reader’s mind.

The 2nd last scene features quick shots of all the actors of the commercial happily consuming each Pepsi drink which is according to the narrator, the Pepsi for each person, emphasizing the message that Pepsi is for everyone and every generation. According to the actors’ expression, that Pepsi is a delicious tasting fizzy drink, once more, baiting viewers to believe the high standards Pepsi satisfies.


Depicted at the last scene next to the Pepsi logo, the slogan titled “Celebrating Every Generation” delivers the audience a catchy phrase to remember, and again convey the message delivered throughout the whole advertisement. By doing this, the audience accepts the message that Pepsi is for everyone, every generation and serves for every purpose, luring the them to purchase Pepsi drinks for those reasons.

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