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Analysis of Historical Cause of Cyber Security: Essay

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Fundamentally till World War II, the country was in 3 areas of warfare, that are land, sea, and air. Today it is expanded to cyber-space and space. Some basic questions which we need to ponder are, who use Google, android, social media, etc? The fact that usage of the internet has become a need today for many people. Crimes that result in a breach of cybersecurity have become highly prevalent today. There is a need to become aware of using technology, be it net banking or social media, etc.

Being connected in a global domain due to the Internet can be both beneficial and dangerous. One needs to understand its implications and be aware of the same.

There are two types of setups in a computer system- 1) hardware and 2) software. While the major developer of computer hardware is China, the software industry is held by the United States. The major 3A’s – Amazon, Alphabet, and Apple constitute a vast share of the IT sector in the world, almost around 70%. This shows the control of data information of many people in the hands of a few who then use the data to their advantage.

Advantages of the Internet

  • Connectivity
  • Accessibility to everything
  • Improved communication

There are some disadvantages of the Internet also

  • Privacy Infringement
  • Misuse of Information
  • Cyber crimes

In short, everything is connected as a result of the Global Network.

Cyber security versus information security

Cyber-security: The ability to protect or defend the use of cyber-space from cyber-attacks is called cybersecurity.

Information security: The protection of information and information systems from unauthorized access, use, disclosure, disruption, modification, or destruction in order to provide confidentiality, integrity, and availability.

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For the first time in 1984, the word ‘cyber-space’ was used in the Novel ‘Neuromancer’ by Willam Gibson which is a science fiction and defined as an interaction between the human mind and computers.

Cyber-space refers to a virtual computer world having an electronic medium that forms a global computer network and facilitates online communication. Cyber-space is an illusory environment in which online communication happens. As a social experience, individuals can interact, exchange ideas, share information, provide social support, conduct business, direct actions, create artistic media, play games, engage in political discussion, and so on, using this global network. It has its own existence and is not synonymous with the internet which is only a medium and that cyber-space has its own independent existence.

The Indian Online market is the 2nd largest market behind China, accounting for 462 million internet users and 200 million active Social Media users. Out of this 71% are male users and 29% are female users. The highest activities are recorded in the 6 pm to 10 pm time duration, with Mumbai and Delhi having the highest Internet traffic. India has the largest e-commerce sector in the world. Also, the Facebook App is currently being used by most Indians in the world. There are a lot more statistics that show some great degree of usage of the Internet by Indians.

The above stats and figures only highlight what severe implications Indian users can have in the case of a breach of cybersecurity. The information that is asked by various applications and websites may breach a person’s privacy and security contact no., email id, detection of location, permission to use media, etc.

Features of cyberspace

  1. Borderless territory.
  2. Interactive Virtual Environment.
  3. Unlimited accessibility.
  4. Ubiquitous in nature.
  5. Dissemination happens simultaneously.
  6. Duplication or copying is as original as the original work.

Data Regarding Indian Cyberspace

  1. 45.15% of the total population of India has access to the Internet.
  2. India has the world’s largest number of Facebook users.
  3. India has the second largest online consumer base after China.
  4. Mumbai and Delhi account for higher internet traffic than other cities.
  5. Internet usage in India is primarily male-dominated.

Anatomy of the Cyber World

  1. Surface web: (constitutes only 4% of cyber-space) Facebook, WhatsApp and other social media and online websites are a part of the surface web.
  2. Deep web: (constitutes only 90% of cyber-space) It is generally not directly accessible but accessed through Ids and passwords. Examples are medical records, legal documents, government files, organization-specific repositories, financial records, and other virtual information.
  3. Dark web: (constitutes only 6% of cyber-space) All the illegal acts are performed in this space like pornography, illicit trade, and illegal drug trade through the silk route.

Historical data breaches

  1. Ashley Madison Hack Case: Vast data comprising, contact no., addresses, names, etc. ended up on the darknet for sale.
  2. Silk Road: An online darknet market for the sale of illegal drugs. It could be used by people anonymously.
  3. COSMOS Bank: Here, VISA and Rupay details were uploaded on the dark web, resulting in 94 crore theft from the bank.
  4. Yahoo: 3 billion accounts were hacked making it the biggest data breach in history.
  5. eBay: Requested 145 million users to change their passwords after Yahoo.
  6. JP Morgan: 83 million household and business accounts breached.
  7. According to Kaspersky, there are 3,15,000 viruses created every day.
  8. According to Checkpoint, a market leader in security products, around 10 million devices, are using such malicious apps, with Hummingbird Virus.
  9. Infection largely depended on the Android version, KitKat (50%), Lollipop (7%), Jellybean (40%) Ice Cream Sandwich (2%), and Marshmallow (1%). 
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