What Are the Main Causes of Cyber Bullying: Analytical Essay

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Nowadays, the internet is an atypical access to user’s lives which creates new forms of infringement like cyberbullying which can be briefly defined as using the internet web to share a text or image of harmful content. As Jun (2020) pointed out that “Cyberbullying can be done anytime via email, mobile phone, or SNS(Social Network Service), so victims are likely to suffer indiscriminate violence around the clock.”(P.4). This essay research will discuss the causes of cyberbullying which include: self-loathing and sense of superiority.

One cause of cyberbullying in my point of view is the self-loathing of socially inactive people that are living in what is called a “cycle of anger” that they lived either for their whole life or in a particular phase (mainly in childhood) suffered from bullying and other forms of aggressive and frustrating behaviors which left these people suffering mentally. Over time, signs of injustice and anger begin to appear clearly in their behaviors and use the internet web as a bridge to reach their victims. Offenders tend to boost their broken ego by bullying others looking for respect which makes them feel of fake and unsatisfied strength (Nurfarhanah et al.,2019, P.302). Moreover, they consider their aggressive behaviors as normal and people get what they deserve, and sometimes they use cyberbullying and consider it as revenge trying to hurt or destroy others.

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The second cause is the sense of superiority of socially active like popular or rich people who already have that respect and power and they are motivated to use cyberbullying either to strengthen their position in society or as Li (2010) stated that they mainly use it as a tool of entertainment. The most suspicious fact is cyberbullying is seen by one in five as a “cool” behavior(P.383).In fact, the sense of superiority gives them the courage to bully others, and most probably they are not afraid of the reaction that the one who was bullied may take or the punishment due to their social standing and the respect they gained in advance.

In conclusion, there is a list of causes of cyberbullying which includes: self-loathing and a sense of superiority. In my viewpoint, internet users’ awareness of cyberbullying and how to hinder bullies is necessary. Moreover, the best way to combat cyberbullying is to work to prevent it; empathy can be a protective factor since it’s a normal human feeling that makes the person understand what others feel. Also, educating the public about digital responsibility towards each other.


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