Ethical Behavior When Using Technology

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When we using a Technology, we have a right to use it. But sometimes there is a policy to use it. Because Technology is around the world, so people would see it. Technology is There are a Behavior when we using Technology, which is a creating tool that processing action. Just easier to understanding is that a skills and technique to do something or to accomplishment of object. Which is use it for study, works or even for play. People more known uses technology is for social. Social is interacting with others people. Since many people like to interacting each other’s. They want more to interact with others people around the world. That’s why when technology meets social it become evolving and improve for the social or even for the technology. That’s why it called social media. Which is network to people around the world. Media is a mass communication such as Publishing books or more, broadcasting and Internet. Social media is application or website that people can share and create in social networking such as Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and many more. Social media uses for tell people that what we’re doing right now or sharing how their day is. Sharing what they like, their hobby, what food they like and many more. Also, to express their felling’s through photo or a word.

Ethical behavior when using technology is ethical word means honest, fair, honorable. Which is we already knowing that ethical behavior is behavior or being honest and good. But in using of technology. Based on “” said that Technology Ethics are principles that can be used to govern technology including factors such as risk management and individual rights. It just same meaning but different word. based on “” is tends to be good for business and involves demonstrating respect.

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There are seven topics that I have to choose only one. Online Harassments, Unwarranted surveillance, Copyright infringement, Cyber Scam, Cyber Terrorism, Cyber Extortion and Cyber Warfare. I choose Online Harassments. Based on “” Online Harassments is online behavior that goes out of the way to causes trouble for someone by intimidating, threating, or humiliating them, and can have serious social, psychological or even physical consequence And it has a different category which is Online Racism, Cyber Bullying, Online predator, Cyberstalking and Internet troll. Again, I have to choose one of them, which is I choose Cyber Bullying. Since I experience it, then I have to choose it, because maybe I can help people that struggling with cyber bullying. Based on “” said that Bullying is unwanted, aggressive behavior among school aged children that involves a real or perceived power imbalance. But the cyber is on another world that we can’t see a real person. It just only a photo of our profile. Technology is we connect with all people around the world that we know most of them but also that we don’t know each other. More people that actually don’t know who people are this.

Cyber bullying happens in aged of a teenager. But not only that. People who been cyber bullying is people that in happy situation or just a regular situation. Depends on what situation is and depends with the person who kind like to bullying. A person who like to bullying people in real life, they also carried away in online. People who like to bullying is a person who want’s their happiness gone. They want to suffer they own life. And a person who like to bully is laughed at the victims. But cyber bully can be happening anywhere and any ages. Issues happens about cyber bullying is anytime. we just won't know when cyber bullying will occur. however, sometimes most people who become victims are people who cannot be socialized or who are usually categorized by the perpetrators as 'weird”.

In the first place, sometimes a person who want to cyber bullying is a person who don’t want to see people being happy. Sometimes, they are jealous of what we have. But sometimes, they also cyber bullying because of deficiency. Quoted from website called “” says that bullies are jealous, unhappy or just unkind people. While there is some truth to those perceptions, the reality is more nuanced. Cyberbullying, in fact, can come from more mundane feelings, like boredom. Access and opportunity can also lead students to bully others online. Some students also reported that online bullying made them feel better. These students reported feeling 'funny, popular and powerful' online. The study also explained that a natural desire for attention can cause students to cyberbully. Forty percent of students who cyberbully say they do not feel any feelings of guilt or shame after the bullying, according to a large study of students published in the “American Journal of orthopsychiatry”.

The issues I want to lift is her name Cinta kuya. She is a singer and magician back then. And she has a TV shows called cinta juga kuya. She is really famous because of how she brings shows with her unique own style. Because of how is she really young back then, people really like it. How Innocent she is and funny she is. but time passes quickly. now she is in his teens where more obstacles for her. not because of his sharp lessons, but her social life. Her life become different. Because how she is meeting with someone that same aged with her. She really don’t know how to socialize to people that share same age with her. It’s not only that, but also how people looks to her that rich and have everything that she got in Instagram. Now since social media become a huge role in our daily life. But actually she is a human just like people in this world. Caused of that because of people jealous about how she have everything. This issues happened when she still young, but she didn’t know what is social media back then is. When she getting older and become teenagers. She knows how the social media work is. A lots happening when she posting something what she like and people starting to comment which she don’t want to see it. But indeed she see the comment that makes her life more complicated and hard to take it. Because of her young aged and she doesn’t know how to use internet back then. She always cry by bad comment such as “you very ugly” and others that makes her sad. Where happen is the issues comes is on social media. When she using a social media. But at first the comment still being nice. But comes day and she post what she like. Since then, since she post her hobbies and many others that makes her happy. She got a comment by judging her hobby, her post and others. It makes her condition bad and her confident not that as confident back then she is.

This issues happens a lot with teenagers that have a social media. Based on website “” said that There are many reasons why kids and teens become cyber bullies. Usually however, cyber bullies have some sort of insecurity. To protect their egos and feel superior, they make others feel bad about themselves. Some cyber bullies see it as a means to gain popularity and others do it to feel powerful or escape their own problems. At times, cyber bullies themselves may be bullying victims so they “prey” on other people to feel better about themselves.

Based on “” said that where it happens is Social Media. According to the Department of Health and Human Services, 71% of teens have profiles on multiple social media sites. Bullies can instantly post embarrassing or personal photos, send direct messages, create harassing group chats or post humiliating statuses directed toward their targets. These platforms often have privacy settings that may cause a bully to believe they can hide their actions from parents, teachers and other adults. Therefore, it is even more important to monitor their social media accounts. They may not be aware of the signs of cyberbullying, or they may be engaging in the harmful behaviors themselves. Based on “” said that Cyber bullying is a great danger to the society. It causes harm to people and results negatively for, both, the bully and the victim. It is said that cyber bullying is a serious worldwide issue and that it needs to be resolved. If they cannot do cyber bullying anonymously, they will go as far as they will face claim other people only to do cyber bullying.

Based on “” said that Back when many teenagers hung out in chat rooms, most of the cyberbullying reported took place in chat rooms. With the more recent changes in technology, the youth population has been drawn to social networking sites, like Facebook, and video sharing sites, like YouTube. As a result, there has been an increase in reports of cyberbullying on social networking sites and video sharing sites. In addition, instant messaging and texting appear to be common ways in which youth are harassing others.

The solution to get rid of cyberbullying is that we need to control what we posting too. Because of we already know what are the consequence what will happened if we positing. We need to know who are the people that follow us in social media. Of course the important things is people need to know or to be educated about cyberbullying. Need to learn how to handle something that makes them sad. But if it’s already happened, then what should they do is to make a distance between the cyberbullying and the victim. Because when you kept away, the person that been cyberbullying you will tired of it. Because of how you ignore them and don’t care about it. It is really unique technique when you’ve got cyberbullying by someone. Because sometimes there some people been like that and they don’t have any spirit. When you make a distance between the victim and the cyberbullying you need to stand up. Don’t be become weak. You need to be strong what they said that makes you angry and sad. but that’s the reality. Try to talk with someone that you trust. Don’t keep it buried. Because later there will be a wound in the heart. But if it’s getting worst then the only solution to keep them don’t attacking you, the delete your account. That is the best solution and unique solution I’ve know. Because when you delete your account, you don’t have to be worried about their words again. And you will be feel the freedom that you deserve to get it. It doesn’t mean to keep away from the problem but to avoid for our own benefit. Do not get revenge, because later on the problem will not be solved. If you still overthinking, try to talk with them but with our family members to stop the cyberbullying. To end the problem with peace, try to talk with the cyberbullying. If they don’t want to, then do not. Because be interpreted that the cyberbullying is afraid with us. But don’t feel being a champ. They might be come again. If yes, then try to some another solution.

Based on “” said that by saying nothing, we all empower bullies to keep doing what they are doing. Cyberbullies feel anonymous, but they are not. Even if you aren’t the target of a cyberbully, you may be able to report the behavior when you see it. This is something that we must all be willing to do, even if it seems scary at the time.

When we respond to bullying behaviors with a calm, logical reaction, we take the energy out of the experience for the bully. This may not stop the harassment right away, but it can over time. Walk away, block the bully, and speak with someone. That way you can empower yourself instead of letting the cyberbully have control over your life. “” said that When we respond to bullying behaviors with a calm, logical reaction, we take the energy out of the experience for the bully. This may not stop the harassment right away, but it can over time. Walk away, block the bully, and speak with someone. That way you can empower yourself instead of letting the cyberbully have control over your life.

To end this report, by the conclusion is whatever people trying to say the bad things about you, just ignore it. Don’t mind them or even. Try to stay positive in social media. Do not bring any bad things in social media. Might be them going to cyberbullying you. In the end of word try to talk with someone that you trust. Don’t keep it buried. Try to calm and try to accept the word and be a strong person by their word. it’s really hard to take the bad to become a positive vibe. However, over time will get used to it with the word that make you sad.


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