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Persuasive Essay on Cyberbullying and Protecting Children from It

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If you think your child couldn’t be a bully, think again. Now, more than ever, it’s common that the average student to be involved in cyberbullying. The solutions lie with you as a parent to intervene before it’s too late. Guide your child on the right track.

Cyberbullying isn’t just opportunistic bullying, but aimed and targeted, often with the goal of completely destroying the person, it is aimed by driving them to suicide. Students who experienced bullying or cyberbullying are nearly 2 times more likely to attempt suicide. The responses to being victimized by a cyberbully include anger and sadness. Usually, the degree of problems offline is proportional to how much bullying behavior is experienced online, as the NAI states on its website. It’s vital that you intervene to stop this while you can. If a student appears to be shunned by nearly the whole class, or if your child has always been positive and upbeat, but suddenly appears to withdraw or will not show you what he or she is doing on their phone, there’s a good chance bullying may be involved.

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Some may say we are doing all that we can do to stop bullying, and maybe we are. It’s hard to keep an eye on kids and monitor their every move on the Internet and cell phone use. There are ways that kids can hide what they actually do, and they can make locks so their parents can’t get in. Many kids are private and don’t want to open up about what they are doing. However, there are kids, crude and hurtful, that won’t stop the bullying; we can’t just sit around and let this be done. Cyberbullying, the biggest type of bullying around, may never find a true resolution to being stopped. Parents need to monitor and regulate their child’s use of the Internet and cell phones. They also need to be more open with their children and talk about the responsibilities that come with having these networks and cell phones. Although some people think that an easier approach will just be to delete the social networks you have in order for the cyberbullying to stop. However, deleting your networking sites tells the bully that he or she has won and that you have given up.

Cyberbullying goes beyond the schoolyard in an attempt to harm every part of a child’s life. Intervene as soon as you can when you see the signs and you may save your student or child a great deal of distress, and perhaps even their life.

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